Macafouchette | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained #107
Yuh is ah Trini | "Macafouchette"

Patois was the spoken language of the Island of Trinidad before the English captured the the land in the name of the English Monarchy on February 18, 1797. During this period of the island's history Trinidad was a sovereign nation of Spain but was settled by French planters who could not tolerate the English who had captured islands they resided on in the Lesser Antilles. These French settlers came to Trinidad with their slaves during the period of The Cedulla of population. They were granted land and were also allotted land for each slave that they brought with them. Soon there were more French speaking settlers on the island that there were Spanish. Patois was the language spoken; it comprised of French and phrases from African languages that were woven into the fabric of the original spoken French. 

From this language came many phrases. One of the most popular is 'Macafouchette' and it relates to food that was not eaten previously but saved in the refrigerator for use at another time. This left over food, food saved for uses on another day, was referenced a "Macafouchett' or left over food. To be honest with you some foods of the macafouchette category taste better than the hot food that was originally served.

The proper termed used for this term 'macafouchette' is 'manque un fourchette' and it literally translates to 'Missed by the fork' (as in there is a fork missing or as we would welcome, relates to food left between the fork). Now that does not really sound cool or even relates to left over food. Now that is where the Trini and his sense for pouncing on a situation and setting the record straight comes into play. Yes, Macafouchette was born and out of that we now can relate to left over food with a cool macafouchette instead of manque un fourchette.
Here is something new for your listening pleasure: Remy RemBunction sings, "Macafouchette"

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