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It's Christmas Time by Preedy | Soca Parang

Photo via YouTube video © D' Parang Riddim Project. The youth are always the ones to innovate and bring a new feel, a new vi… Read more

Ginger Beer Riddim | 131 Studios/Trinidad Christmas 2012

My good friend Gail, via Paramin/New Jersey/Jamaica, sent be these four tracks for posting. She told me that it is time for some… Read more

Different Strokes | Eddie Charles | Trinidad Christmas 2012

Different Strokes is the name of this Christmas offering from Eddie Charles. Now this one has nothing to do with Arnold, Willis … Read more

Cellphone | Blackie | Trinidad Christmas 2012

Blackie is back with this Latin flavor track titled "Cell Phone". This one would usually fall under the genre of Soca … Read more

Santa In Meh Bed | QP | KMP Music

Christmas is Calypso too; this is the music of QP and his offering for Christmas 2012 is titled 'Santa In Meh Bed'. Now … Read more

Ribbons | Marilyn Williams | Trinidad & Tobago Christmas

This is a classic Trinidad and Tobago Christmas song - Ribbons, sung by Marilyn Williams. If you are the type who likes to we… Read more

Macafouchette | Yuh is ah Trini

Triniglish|Trinididioms spoken and explained #107 Yuh is ah Trini | "Macafouchette" Patois was the spoken langua… Read more

Trini Christmas is the Best!

Gosh I miss my Trini Christmas... So what's so special about ah Trini Christmas? "Now was that a serious question?"… Read more

Trinidad's Ginger Beer | Enjoy A Delicious Burn

Image © forkfingersforksticks   Trinidad and Tobago's Ginger Beer - a drink for ginger lovers. Enjoy the aroma, relish in the… Read more

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