Part Time Lover

My friend Toby who lives in the US recently remarked, "dah is ah part time lover" in response to a conversation when one Allison remarked that, "people only talk trini when they hearing soca and calypso". Now read it again and take it in slowly... Do you consider yourself 'Trini 2D Bone'? Well the reference to 'part time lover' simply put is a reference to the fact that most Trinis are frauds and conveniently say they love their country only when it serves their selfish needs. 

Today I found myself on an Island of one... surrounded by a WACKY group of culture krazy aficionados who consider themselves the salt of Trini mud volcanoes when it comes to the musical culture of Trinidad and Tobago. I always knew that it was foolish to try and spin a top in mud but then again I always like to put to test sayings like "cockroach eh have no right in fowl party".  I am a lover of comess and starting it always leads to a barrage of calls and the hanging of santiwah several times over. Indeed it got so passionate that one caller termed my discourse 'senseless' while another sicko hiding behind an anonymous name had this to say about me: "Not just ass but a very big ass hole". Well it is my turn now so be prepared to be harangued!

Why can't we just get along (ahem, no copyright infringement here)? In other words, why can't we have a discussion and not insult each other. I did not insult anyone, but surely they enjoyed heaping their scorn on me. Why?

Ellsworth James is introducing a program to enhance the culture and lives of people of African decent living in Trinidad and Tobago while another show "Bridging the Gap" tries to bring a better understanding and significance of the African diaspora to the people at home. Significant attempts to do that which is right because if you don't know where you came from then how in heavens name can one truely forge ahead? A discussion about the show led to several calls including my call that led to a fork in the road of understanding. I guess in this case and in the eyes of the people calling in, including some at the station, I took the wrong turn and chose the fork that the little red devil brandishes. 

So what went wrong today?

I have been told that 'no good deed goes unpunished' and today I wanted to remark to someone that "the stench of their arrogance was indeed nauseating" but I refrained from so doing. Now remember just last Monday was a Holiday in Trinidad - Indian Arrival Day. I think it should really be Arrival Day but it is called Indian Arrival Day and so be it. Now what did WACK do for this holiday? They played retro calypso and a splatter of 'chutney music'. Nothing is wrong with that from a programming point of view and to be honest I enjoyed listening to the presenters compete. However, when one takes into consideration that "we are culture crazy" and on such a day nothing of significance was done to celebrate one sector of this cosmopolitan society with so many other shows coming on stream to celebrate other segments of the society then one has to pause and ask, why or why not?

Hold on now this is not about race or race jealousy. Remember, "We are culture crazy" and as such should be that way about every sector of our cosmopolitan society. Now when one listens to WACK whose culture do you hear? Yes it is the culture of Trinidad and Tobago but if you are one who is observant then you will know better. You know how we do it, so I will tell you how it is...Wack is really all about Calypso, Soca and Steelpan with a sprinkling of the rest that runs with the mood of the DJ at the controls! So are you Trini 2D Bone and when you are away from Trinidad do you only talk about crab  and dumplings, peleau and yard food or do you also talk about roti and doubles and chutney and boast that ours is the best? Do you only speak of calypso, soca and steelpan or do you also boast about chutney music  and Sokah (a blend of East Indian and African musical elements created by Lord Shorty ), local Indian music and Parang. Well... Do you? 

I want to know if you are a part time lover of the music and culture of Trinidad and Tobago, and  when you boast of being Trini 2D Bone, if that is the case only when you are living overseas and not when at home. The truth is that the mentality of Trinis at home and that of Trinis living abroad is totally different. Trinis living abroad become more conscious of the culture while those at home take it for granted.  So taking that into consideration I have to ask again, what does 'Trini 2D Bone' really mean to you? If you conclude that it should be all inclusive then don't you think that the programming of a radio station that boasts of being culture crazy should be 'all inclusive' too?  Don't just boast that you are the "true defenders of our culture", prove it by being all inclusive!

No, I am not wearing blinders here just because you may believe I have a cultural race axe to grind. I assure you that is not the case and more importantly I don't have any desire to awaken the spirit of my African great grand father at this time... So don't go there with me.

Oh no not again! Didn't we have this conversation before? Morpheus lied to me... This Matrix is surely ah Trini jagabat... We like it so!  Enjoy the songs below if you have the time...

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