Calypsonian Arrow has a brain tumor!

Calypsonian Arrow has a brain tumor and the condition has worsened as reported in Caribbean New Now a web portal that provides Caribbean News. 

Musicmanderek:  "I am asking the shout-box family to say a pray for Calypsoian Arrow. He has a severe brain tumor... He is in hospital; let's pray for a successful surgery and his recovery."

This statement was made in the WACK Radio Shout Box this morning by a Musicmanderek who follows the Caribbean music scene with keen interest.  Montserratian calypsonian Alphonsus Cassell who uses the sobriquet Arrow rose to prominence with his mega hit "Hot! Hot! Hot!"(arranged by Leston Paul) in the 80's. 

There is no denying the significance of this man and the impact that Hot! Hot! Hot! had on the music scene for that period. Leston Paul commented that the arrangement was a blend of soca and rock and roll rhythms and that he " was delighted and honoured to learn that Arrow was among the stellar cast for the summit. “I am glad we both had the opportunity to see Barack Obama create history...I enjoyed his performance on television,” said Paul (Trinidad Guardian Newspapers).

We can and will say a prayer for this brave and famous Monserratian who had and still has the World dancing to the infectious rhythms of Hot! Hot! Hot! 
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