Relief Sunday|Yuh is ah Trini

Today we stand up for something that is right... Call it Compassion Day, call it whatever you may but take note that today is Relief Sunday in San Fernando!

This is your moment, your place in history, to prove that "Yuh is ah true Trini2DBone!  Today is the day that we stand up and embrace those whom are in need, those who are still suffering from the recent flooding that had everyone watching in awe with many left in shock. Today, August 22, 2010 everyone is invited to come (if you can) or log on via the Internet to a FREE concert with some the country's TOP artistes. Our national icons, our heroes will be  donating their time to this effort and it is only fitting that you attend this very worthy cause. 

Your Culture Krazy Station WACK 90.1 FM in conjunction with The San Fernando City Corporation presents Relief Sunday! 

This is a joint venture that has been organized to assist those who were adversely affected by the recent flooding. Those of us who were not affect cannot comprehend the  pain and angst along with destruction of property in the way the people who were stranded in rising flood waters felt and still feel to this day. However, we still can assist by becoming a part of this effort to help. 

The Venue:In front of WACK's studio, 129-C Coffee Street, San Fernando/  on the World Wide Web. 

Time: Starting at 12 noon with the Culture Pot. Join Deso & Kenny  as they kick off this HEART2HEART  Event!

Everyone is invited and  please note that you can donate any non- perishable food item, clothes, school books, school bags and other school stationery. Call a friend and let them know about the efforts of Kenny and Mr. Desmond (Deso) along with the San Fernando City Cooperation. It is a charitable event that  is designed to assist the recent flood victims and to let them know that they are not alone! I have always said that it is time that the nations thinks "WE" and not "I"!


Stay tune to 90.1 FM for artiste lineup!  Help those in need... It could be you tomorrow!

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