NAPA Auditorium|To be renamed Lord Kitchener' Auditorium

The auditorium of the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) will be named the Lord Kitchener’s Calypso Auditorium.
This was announced yesterday by Minister of Arts and Multiculturism, Winston Peters as he conducted a tour of NAPA.
Peters, also known as calypsonian Gypsy said Princes Grounds, the sight on which NAPA was constructed, housed the Calypso Revue tent, also known as Kitchener’s tent prior to the construction.
“He performed here, so it is only appropriate that we honour him in this manner. Kitchener’s tent was here for many, many years. I sang here, my grandparents used to come here and party. I am going ahead with the name, and it would be done in the short order,” said Peters.
Peters said he has been lobbying for the name since he was in Opposition, but now he has the opportunity to do it.
The auditorium at NAPA has been unnamed since it was constructed.

Lord Kitchener's name will now find a home in the auditorium of NAPA. This building was once boldly criticized by the United National Congress (as opposition party in parliament) but will now find favor but with the occasional criticism regarding the construction methods use and the seating capacity of the venue.

The UNC is now part of the People's Partnership and will now find ways to integrate this venue into the cultural phenomen of Trinidad's Carnival. It should be interesting to see how the newly appointed Minister of Arts and Multiculturism, Winston Peters grant use of the facility to the various groups wishing to host shows at the facility.

Indeed the structure looks good and the PNM had foresight with the concept however this new government will now tweak the concept to make it an all inclusive venue for the arts. Let's hope that it really becomes a facility that will incorporate all art form for the benefit of the people.

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