Good Citizens

Who is a good citizen? Well as far as I am concerned a good citizen is one who is interested in the progress of the nation without fear or favor of any political party. A good citizen respects the law and ensures that the environment is protected. A good citizen ensures that he/she produces worth for the benefits received when pay day rewards their endeavors at their work place. 
We can list many ideal that could make a good citizen however now that election fever is in the air can we consider the good citizen one who will put country first and party a distant second? Do you believe that this is possible in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago? We have heard die-hard supports remark, "ah born ah PNM and I will die a PNM". The same can be said for many of the supporters for the opposition UNC in that they can't see themselves ever supporting the ruling PNM or the COP political entity. Can we consider these die-hards good citizens?
In the upcoming general elections each political entity will find ways to motivate their supporters to snub the opposing forces and this can become extremely bitter with no one really dealing with the issues of good governance. What we need to hear from the politicians is how they plan to guide the country towards a stable political and economic situation while ensuring that citizens can walk the streets without the fear of criminals committing acts of violence without penalty. 
Reasonable food prices, acceptable transportation and access roads, dependable water supply and reasonably priced electricity. The corrupt practices of many will be revealed and of course many will go to trial but good citizens need to put their petty differences aside and vote for people who will represent them and not simply serve the interests of the party. Sometimes the interests of the party and the people cross paths and that could be ideal but most of the time representation of the needs of the people and community fall on the wayside as the political interests of the party takes precedence. 
Good citizens should examine the representative and question his or her motivation to run for political office. Representation of the interests of the community should come first and the ideals of the political party a close second. 
Good citizens should vote with their brain and not their Hart. Sorry I meant hearts.  Now good citizens have to choose between the PNM and a possible combination of the UNC/COP/TOP/NJAC? Whom do you trust to guide the fortunes of the nation? Then again are you the type of person who knows the devil you have but don't want to find out/care about the devil you might get? You have the power of your vote to keep the same or force change. Are you a good citizen?

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