Blimps are a waste of Taxpayers money!

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The use of Blimps to solve crime or to help police officers apprehend criminals is a stupid idea - yes I said stupid and better yet in Trinidad terms it is a "chupid idea". The person or persons who came up with this plan are simply cujon aka cunumunu.
Go ahead and click on the link above and read the article in the Trinidad Express newspaper and get the facts then come back here and tell me if I was correct to use the words chupid, cujon and cunumunu. The Blimps have cost the country $26,770,364.00 in repairs since 2006. Here is the thing if we took that kind of money and provided the police with patrol cars then just maybe motorists may see patrols on the highway. Just maybe when someone calls the police they would have the vehicles to get to the people who need their presence. Just maybe they could have hired more officers to walk the streets.
I am yet to hear of a case where the blimp was an integral part of the operations leading to the capture of a criminal. They probably should have invested in helicopters that would be swift and effective when assisting the police.
The big joke is that the criminals shoot at the blimps when the targets are in the air. The people piloting the blimps should ensure that they have good insurance because one day a bullet may kill one of the operators of those ducks in the sky.
The Blimps are more suited for sporting events as they are used in the United States. What a sad state of affairs in my beloved homeland.

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