14 Year Old Girl Sent to Women's Prison

Insanity! This is outrageous that a Magistrate would commit a 14 year old child to a maximum security prison for Women for "unruly behavior".  Prisons are notorious for unsavory behavior and to exposed this child to this system is pure insanity. The prisons are short staffed and there is no way that this child would be guaranteed a safe stay in this institution for what ever period she is kept until her next trial date. Criminals are released everyday after appearing in court pending their trial date; now can someone tell me why this child had to be incarcerated? I know that the Newsday article does not provide all the information regarding the circumstances that brought the child to court but this simply does not make sense! What 20/20 vision are we contemplating? No Child left Behind? This child is being placed in the den of the lost ones.

  • 14 Year Old Girl
  • 63 Year Old Father
  • Mother tending to 18 year old child (girl's sister) in Hospital
  • Girl appears in Court for unruly behavior - the article did not state what kind of unruly behavior.
  • The Girl's lawyer did not put up a case on her behalf (I don't know why he was there)
  • WPC Alexander told the magistrate that St Jude’s Home for Girls had no room.
  • “She is just doing what she wants and I think the law is there to protect these kids and this is what I am doing,” the magistrate said.
  • Ramoo-Haynes (magistrate) ordered that the girl be remanded into custody at the Women’s Prison. But as the magistrate gave her ruling, the teen grabbed onto her father and screamed: “Daddy, no!” The case was adjourned to April 14.

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