Trini Myths

Some Trini Myths:
If yuh drink rum and eat ah fig, (banana) yuh sure to die. (I think that is is the Moko or Mata Burro)
If yuh walk in the hot sun and eat mamieseparte(mammy-See-Pote) yuh sure to die.
If yuh iron clothes and bathe after, yuh cud catch, cold or even ah stroke.
If a picker or something jucks yuh and breaks under your skin,  it will travel in your blood and get to your heart causing your eventual death.
I guess if I swallowed a picker today I will welcome it as a source of fiber.
Well if you or  someone you know is aware of this situation please leave a note explaining the situation and the eventual outcome. Did it result in death or did they  simply laugh at you!?  Well yuh know all trinis are doctors and lawyers.
Submitted by: Sandiego Lee (SDL)

I will add this one to Lee's list:
If you eat Tonka Beans you will get 'Short Breath'

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Long ago if you iron it was said that you will catch a cold or sometimes it resulted in death. To me this is not a myth but a fact in those days. I remember as a young child people in my village use to iron with a coalpot and iron and in those days one had to endure a lot of heat especially with the large bundles of khaki pants, shirts, sheets, pillowcases and I know some women even ironed their husbands underwear. I remembered 2 women dying after ironing all or most of the day then bathing outside in the afternoon. It was said that they caught purisy (not sure of the spelling pronounced pu-ree-see. I had a great uncle who worked in his garden in hot sun all day then went down to the Blue Basin river to bath and died within 2 hours. It was said that he caught purisy after being in the hot sun all day then bathing in the cold river water....... SO was this a myth or fact???