Words Trinidadians Use

Here are a few words to help you understand the way Trinidadians speak (Trini English):

Lime - To hang out with friends
Congosa -  Trouble maker, two-faced
Santiwah - Bush bath
Bazodee - To be dazed by something
Lacouray - Gossip
Cujon - Stupid
Bobolee - A stupid person
Babash - Illegal Rum
Brava-dashay - To show off
Badjohn - A bully
Tabanka - A case of the blues, love sickness
Toute bagaille la - Everything (all encompasing)
Country bookie - a person unschooled in city ways
Comess - Confusion
Chut - expression of annoyance
Hasikara - Trouble
Tankalanka - "Oh dear!"
Cross - An unreliable person
Tot-tots - Breast
Chinks - To be stingy with something
Cacada - A little bit of money
Drivee - To be wayward
Bram - A big party

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