Only in Trinidad Folks

Only in Trinidad and Tobago can you 'back back or reverse back ah car'! Hold on now so you never reversed back a car yet?  Tell me how will you ever explain these statements other that it is a cultural phenomenon and can only be termed 'Triniglish' (now this word was coined right here in Trinizagada eh).
Here is the situation that I have created for you to think about and explain. Now I know you clearly understand the statements as a born Trini but now you have to explain it all to a foreigner. In your presence is a tourist or some naive person who asks you to explain the meaning of 'reverse back' in the context of moving a car (literally) or as used by Explainer (calypsonian) when he said in song, "so ah drive in and reverse back, drive in and reverse back" (yuh know in and out). I am taking it for granted that you know the calypso in question. This is the one where he was such a gentleman and helped the young lady park her car in the garage (Park it). Yes he drove in (ahem, the car) and reverse back eh (lol- good luck!).  What would be your explanations? Please share your thoughts by using the comment option beneath instead of the shout box.

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