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I was reading the Trinidad Express online edition this morning and came across an article titled "Mentally ill taken off streets". The follow-up sentence read, "This is not for C'Wealth Heads of Government Meeting". The statement came from the Mayor of Port-of-Spain. Why is this so hard to believe?
I know we should be patting him of the backside for taking the initiative to "help" these people who may be mentally ill and in need of help. However, this smells and the La Basse is just down the street in the Beetham Estates so the odds are against the fact that this is an ongoing initiative to help the destitute.
Now if we look back to the recently concluded Summit of the Americas one would have seen the same drive by the government to clean up the place and make it press friendly. We know that Patos is wants to paint a picture of paradise for those nosey reporters who would be in search of their special report. So I am not buying that which the Mayor is selling. I do hope that the people that they move are really being helped and not simply being removed because they spoil the pristine look of the city or is that really the case? Should I believe the Mayor and give him a break? I don't trust politicians and that he is 100%. So if you are upset with this "train of thought" just ask 'yuhself' what ever happened to the people that were removed from the streets during the Summit of the Americas? Do some checking and maybe you may just come and add to this post!

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