Guava Season (Hard Times)

In a recent post submitted by Jessie a.k.a. “DRim” she explained that since the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago encouraged the populace to ‘loosen their belts’ people are spending their monies as if the boom period is in full swing.

These are the same people who will be crying foul play when the prices begin to rise again. These high prices will occur because of the increased taxes imposed by the government to fill the gap left by the receding price and demand for petro products.  Soon the cry will be “Gawd iz Guava Season again”.  This does not mean that all of a sudden hardship fell on the heads of Trinidadians while the rest of the of us were dealing with shrinking economies and depressed demand for goods and services.

Trinidadians are noted for their “party mentality” and “anytime is Trinidad time” attitude. Just remember that Christmas is approaching and that is a very festive time in Trinidad. Trini has to paint and prepare for this festive season - money will come, "doh worry about dat" and the government will ease tings with more 10 days freeco”.   Now as soon as Christmas is gone here comes the big one, Carnival. After Carnival is gone comes the time to confess our sins and complain that we are broke.  Most of those complaining did not save but instead chose to party hearty. No one wants to deal with the problem because Trini has not learnt that “yuh cyar put yuh hat whey yuh hand cyar reach!” In other words it is “Gauva Season Again”.

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