"The Wrong and Strong Syndrome"

There was a time when people were very civil and would reach out to help without thinking about self gain. In Trinidad today it appears that a large section of the population has become very selfish and would take the opportunity to benefit from another person's misfortune rather that choose to help without looking for something in return.

No one takes the time to say good morning as they used to do. Children have no respect for their elders and would misbehave in public without concern for the general public or the impact their action would have on their family. The wrong and strong attitude could lead to violence if that person is corrected by someone who sees the obvious. People must learn to take responsibility for their actions. Sometimes an apology can do wonders if it is sincere.

Maybe the school system needs to reintroduce civic lessons in grade school like we had during my early childhood years. However, we just may need to start with the teachers. Every generation will have positive and negative stories about growing up in the country of their birth. I can’t imagine this current generation looking back and feeling warm inside when they reflect about the time they grew up in Trinidad.

We live in a brave new World but it does not mean that we have to be rude and obnoxious to get ahead. To be kind, to be civil has its own rewards - try it and you will walk away with a good feeling that would boost your positive pheromones - you will surely live longer naturally.

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