An Invitation To Participate

Hey guys I know that we all have fun participating in the Wack Shoutbox and now our very own Chat Box aka Shout Box. Our "Bacchanal Box" is unique because there is no police to chastise anyone for that which is said in the box. All that we ask is that let common sense prevail - in other words just be nice. Ok here is the deal I want you guys to begin participating in the blog.
Sandiego Lee aka SDL has already submitted a post and I also have a draft written by Jessie aka DRim. Please submit your stories and I will post them - we are witty people so let’s have some fun with this. If you choose to write a serious article then by all means do so. Ok so you don't like to write well you can submit a photo or photos which will be shown on the sidebar (left side) as the "Pic of the Day" or just beneath as a slide show with "Chill with the Clips" So join in and participate - it is our community blog. Send your articles or photos to

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