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Potential | Voice x Styles x Complete | Summer 2019

This is new music from Voice x Styles x Complete for the summer of 2019. Voice never dissapoints and we have to give credit to … Read more

Y Dou (It Sweet) | Teddyson John x KES | Saint Lucia 2019

Karnaval or as we say in English Carnival comes down to one thing, feting and having a good time. Today we present a carniva… Read more

Yuh Wrong | Farmer Nappy | Caribbean Basin Carnivals 2019

When you are wrong then you are damn well wrong! If you are a nostalgic type of individual the this song will hit the sweet sp… Read more

Lock On | Erphaan Alves | Trinidad & Tobago Summer 2019

This is your time and place to enjoy Soca music in season and out of season. In Trinidad and Tobago "Soca Has No Season&… Read more

Doh Tell Me Dat | M1 | Trinidad & Tobago Spring 2019

Doh tell me that the party done! Hell no, it does not matter that carnival 2019 is over because we never stopped feting! This … Read more

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