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Quick Stop | Lyrikal | Trinidad & Tobago | Summer 2020

Lyrical does not have any time to discuss "no business" because it is time for a quick stop. Now that could mean so … Read more

If I Was To Married | Trinidad Madman | Trinidad 2020

This is the song for the summer of 2020. Regardless of the problems we are experiencing with the Covid-19 Pandemic, we can … Read more

Properly | Swappi | Trinidad & Tobago 2020

Now, this is what we are talking about, new music out of Trinidad and Tobago; Soca music does not have a season. Seasonal S… Read more

Soca: By Any Means | Voice | After Carnival 2020

Here it is people, your personal Soca anthem during the Covid-19 stay at home lock-down vibe; we are going to fete "By A… Read more

Hahaha | Denise Belfom x Ricky T | Trinidad x Saint Lucia 2020

This is new music released to ease your Covid-19 lock-down experience. This song would have been a new release for Saint Lucia… Read more

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