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Point Fortin Borough Day Celebrations 2023 Calendar of Events

Schedule of events for the Month of April   The Point Fortin Borough Day Celebration is back, and it is worth celebrating! Follow… Read more

Trinidad Sounds: 1950's to 1960's | Bigband, Jazz, Latin & Calypso

Images via SoundCloud/Warwick/Trinidad Sounds 1950's-1960's If you are looking for a musical journey that transports you … Read more

Raise Yuh Voices | Mistah Shak x Derwin Vallie | Trinidad 2020

Don't be numb and dumb and never hold your tongue, always talk the truth... ahh, we have one that walks the talk today. This … Read more

Town | Only in Trinidad!

Image via Bing Images. Just recently I published stories on Laventille and mentioned Desperadoes playing "pretty mass" … Read more

Map of Trinidad and Capital City Port of Spain

Here we have two maps; one each of Trinidad and the capital city of Port of Spain.  There are many maps available online but th… Read more

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