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Rumgry by Lil Natty & Thunda | Grenada Soca 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Build De Vibes/Lil Natty & Thunda. Lil Natty & Thunda are at it again, this time with a v… Read more

Water by Skinny Banton | Grenada and Carriacou Soca 2023

Image via YouTube music video © Cantstop Records/Skinny Banton. The newly released Soca song "Water" by Skinny Banton i… Read more

Little Piece by Boyzie | Grenada's Spice Mas 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Boyzie/Peck Jonezz. Boyzie, real name Jalon Olive, is a Grenadian Soca singer and songwriter. He … Read more

Shades by Lavaman | Spice Mas 2023

Image Via YouTube Music Video © Lavaman/Sugar & Spice Riddim. Wotless by Kes the Band was a big hit, so what happens if you b… Read more

No Bush by Boyzie | Grenada's Spice Mas 2023

Boyzie has released a new song titled "No Bush" for Grenada's 2023 Carnival. The song was produced by Peck Jonezz a… Read more

Weh U Drinking by Skinny Banton x Jab King | Grenada Soca 2023

For this post we feature a song that embraces the Jab vibe. You will go down that rabbit hole and experience a carnival state of … Read more

Half Smile Riddim | Spice Mas 2023

Grenada's Carnival, often called "Spice Mas", is a vibrant and enchanting celebration of culture, music, and commun… Read more

Confidence by Boyzie | Spice Mas 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Xpert Productions/Boyzie Our musical journey takes us to the Spice Isle where Jab Mas is the carn… Read more

Spice Mas 2023 | Grenada's Carnival

Images via Spice Mas Corporation/Bing Images/Blended LunaPic © Spice Mas 2023 If you are in for  If you are in for the spicy vers… Read more

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