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Grenada National Calypso & Soca Monarch Results 2019 | Spice Mas

Photo © Straley Photography Cell phone users, please view/read this article/blog post using the 16:9 or 18:9 ratio aka hori… Read more

Soca & Calypso Monarch Finalists | Spice Mas Greenz 2019

Photo ©   Three Monarchs will be crowned for Spice Mas 2019 as it relates to the major singing competiti… Read more

Leggo De Jab | Mr Killa | Grenada Spice Mas 2019

Jab came to take over the planet but then again it has always been a 'Jab Planet'. That is the theme that is so well … Read more

Gone Through | Slatta | Grenada 2019

Photo © Slatta/Xpert Productions/The Connect Promos Good vibes and an anthem for jab revelers who love to overdo it a bit...… Read more

Ease Me Up | V'ghn | Grenada 2019

It is carnival time again and the sweet music just keeps coming from Xpert Studios out of Carriacou for Grenada's Summer C… Read more

La Vida Loca | Tamantha Chole ft. Xpert Productions | 2019

Trinidad and Tobago is one Caribbean country that is currently experiencing a cultural shift with the influx of Venezuelans i… Read more

Good Like That | Mr Gold'N | Grenada 2019

Today we present an interesting song for Spice Mas 2019. This one is entitled "Good Like That" sung by Mr. Gold'… Read more

Jump Start It | Mario Toussaint | Grenada

Oh hell yes! Mario Toussaint wants to "Jump Start It"; and that is in keeping with our Friday Jumpstart music ritua… Read more

Yuh Wrong | Farmer Nappy | Caribbean Basin Carnivals 2019

When you are wrong then you are damn well wrong! If you are a nostalgic type of individual the this song will hit the sweet sp… Read more

Collision | Zeek | Vincy/Spice Mas 2019

Lester 'Mack' Iroha and the artiste know as Zeek have delivered a knockout musical entrant that embraces two cultures… Read more

Unbothered (Remix) | Xpert Productions ft. Slatta & Lil Kerry | Grenada 2019

Xpert Productions’ 'Strange Powers' is the new Moniker for this talented producer out of Carriacou, Grenada. Spice Ma… Read more

Dirty Heart | V'ghn | Grenada 2019

We love V'ghn and can't get enough from the fantastic singer out of Grenada. This is new music for Grenada's 2019… Read more

We Do Dat | Lavaman | Grenada's Spicemas 2019

"Who did that"? Well, you should know by now that in the Caribbean diaspora the answer is definitely, "We Do Da… Read more

Unbothered | Slatta | Carriacou/Spicemas | Grenada 2019

The spirit of Kayak Mas lives on to be reborn for Spicemas 2019. All music from Carriacou's Kayak Mas will be relevant for… Read more

Tombstone Remix | Mandella Linkz x Talpree | Grenada 2019

"When ah dead put Jab Jab on meh tombstone" , and please do a Jab dance as we celebrate the movement of Jab to anot… Read more

Jab Doh Play | Boyzie | Spice Mas 2019

Today we post the next installment of the Cutting Edge Riddim; this one is entitled "Jab Doh Play" sung by Boyzie. T… Read more

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