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Close Connections Lucian Vaval Vybz Soca Mix 2018

Can you 'wine n stic-ah ? ' Can you wine' and 'stick it deh' ? If you can, then 'go down' and w… Read more

Go Down | Ricky T | Barbados/Saint Lucia 2018

It is time to "Go Down" with Rick T and celebrate carnivals in Saint Lucia and Barbados. Rick T has captured the mo… Read more

Cousins | Megabyte | Saint Lucia 2018

Today we are living in a troubled world and not because things may be going sideways we need to keep our perspective on the s… Read more

Complaining | Imran Nerdy | Saint Lucia 2018

Time to work and wine with Imran Nerdy. This is new music for Saint Lucia's 2018 carnival. The songs from the Calaloo Rid… Read more

Carnival | Mac 11 | Saint Lucia 2018

The question has been asked, "are you ready for carnival, are you ready for bacchanal" ? Caribbean carnival fanatics… Read more

Tiger | Drizzy | Saint Lucia 2018

It is Friday and the weekend is upon us. We are going to ease into the weekend with this new music release from the 'Calal… Read more

Jab Colab | T-Nak | Saint Lucia 2018

What would the world be today if all the Jabs decided to get together and have a "Jab Colab"? Well that is the think… Read more

Can You Wine | Edwin ft. Subance | Saint Lucia

We are hanging tough with new Lucian Soca for festival 2018. This is new music from Edwin featuring Subance. These guys are mi… Read more

Si Sit | Freezy | Saint Lucia 2018

Today we present another new music release from the Rum Runner Riddim. This one is entitled "Si Sit' by the artiste k… Read more

Come Over | Ace | Saint Lucia 2018

We  have new music produced in Saint Lucia for Carnivals in 2018. Come Over to the party and fete with the Rum Runner Riddim. … Read more

Jiggy Riddim | Skinny Fabulous, Lavaman, Shurwayne Winchester, QPid, Ricky T & Pumpa | 2018

If you have been following us for the past two days then the Jiggy Riddim should be playing on your devices. We have featur… Read more

Melody | Teddyson John | Trinidad/Saint Lucia 2018

The year 2018 will go down as the year of Groovy Soca in Trinidad and Tobago. So many excellent songs took control of the mus… Read more

Sparks Fly | Teddyson John | Trinidad/Saint Lucia 2018

The Saint Lucian Soca star who is considered an honorary Trinidadian has a new music release for Trinidad and Tobago carniva… Read more

Take Jamm | Motto ft. Shal Marshall & Hypa 4000 | Trinidad/St. Lucia/SVG 2018

Hmm... this one is entitled "Take Jamm" by Lashley 'Motto' Winter ft. Shal Marshal and Shane 'Hypa 4000&… Read more

Gimme Dat | Teddyson John | Staint Lucia/Trinidad & Tobago 2018

The pride and joy of Saint Lucia is making noise on the Haze Riddim. This song, entitled "Gimme Dat" compliments K… Read more

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