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Speaking In Tongues | Fya Empress | Saint Vincent 2019

I am feeling some kinda way today and it feels really good. This happened after listing to the latest music release from Fya E… Read more

Stay Far | Problem Child | Saint Vincent 2019

The new music keeps coming but we are here today to revisit a Riddim that was released for Trinidad and Tobago carnival. The C… Read more

Syé Pa Mélé | Wetty Beatz | Saint Vincent 2019

It is Carnival time again and today we head 'Up De Islands' to one of the most popular Caribbean carnivals better kno… Read more

Vincy People | Skinny Fabulous | Vincy Mas 2019

It is said that when things are in your favor 'you should beat the iron when it is hot'! In other words when you are … Read more

Gully | Dynamite | Saint Vincent & The Grenadines 2019

This is new music for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Summer Carnival 2019; this festival is better known as "Vincy Mas&… Read more

Same Result | Slatta ft. Skinny Fabulous | SVG 2019

After listening to this song we have to place it in the middle of the field in that it provides a safe zone for both artistes… Read more

Dat We Like | Fimba x Flexx | SVG/Jamaica 2019

Long before this song has an impact on any carnival fete it will tear up clubs all over with and awesome bass and engaging vib… Read more

Yard Jam Riddim | Produced by Travis World x Jonny Blaze

This is good news for lovers of good music!  We have new music produced by Travis World x Jonny Blaze. Nine songs from a combi… Read more

Take Control | Dynamite | SVG 2019

"Take Control" was released during the run up to Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2019 on a Riddim entitled "Soca F… Read more

Whole Heart by Problem Child | Saint Vincent 2019

Image via YouTube Video . Whole Heart by Problem Child was released for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2019 on the 10X Over Rid… Read more

Family vs Famalay | Social Media Is Talking! | Soca 2019

Social Media, texts to this poster is stirring up conversations regarding a new music release. There is a smell in the air an… Read more

Bipolar | Black Shadow x Skinny Fabulous | SVG/Trinidad & Tobago 2019

After all the excitement with the Power Soca Music releases we decided to turn it down and bring you a really sweet vibe. Thi… Read more

Famalay | Skinny Fabulous x Machel Montano x Bunji Garlin | 2019

"We don't see skin, we don't see color, we see strength, we see power, we don't see race, one or the other,… Read more

Energy High | Skinny Fabulous | SVG/Trinidad & Tobago 2019

There is no mistaking the singing style of Skinny Fabulous. Today we feature a song entitled "Energy High" on the &q… Read more

How They Wining | Kevin Lyttle | SVG/Trinidad & Tobago 2019

Look who is on the Badang Riddim! This is new music for SVG/Trinidad &Tobago Carnival 2019 from the pride and joy of  Sain… Read more

Gasoline | Klassik Frecobar | Carriacou/TNT/Grenada/SVG 2019

Don't look so sour because you are not hearing any Jab vibe for Trinidad and Tobago carnival! Hello, this is new music for… Read more

Twist My Love | Zoelah x Millbeatz | SVG/Trinidad 2019

The Caribbean Wave is coming for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2019. Today we present Saint Vincent singing sensation Zoelah x … Read more

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