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Susu Riddim Mega Mix: Problem Child, Motto, DYP, MKG, Swappi & Melick

Susu Riddim © Motto Music This is not your regular 'Susu-hand' where you save for a rainy day. This is music to save and … Read more

How Ah Like It by Problem Child | Vincy Mas 2024

How Ah Like It @ Problem Child © Added Rankin. You know the saying, "Problem is ah Problem" and yes, problems are a pai… Read more

A Little Jam by Problem Child

A Little Jam @ Problem Child © Elmo Norville and Bozo Bad Sounds/Problem Child. For Saint Vincent's Summer Carnival 2024, thi… Read more

Cyah Hear Yuh by Patrice Roberts: Self-Empowerment Anthem

Cyah Hear Yuh @ Patrice Roberts © Elmo Norville and Bozo BadSoundz It's Patrice again, and it appears we just can't get e… Read more

Coulda Shoulda Riddim for Vincy Mas 2024: Pure Soca Vibe

Coulda Shoulda Riddim @Various Artists @Swick B @Dj Avalanche Oh man, do you know what time it is? Certainly, the time has come f… Read more

Mashup Day by Iwer George x Problem Child x Sekon Sta | Soca 2024

Mashup Day is a Power Soca anthem that celebrates the spirit of carnival and the joy of music. The song features three popular So… Read more

Free To B Riddim ft. Preedy, Bunji Garlin, Fay-Ann Lyons Lyrikal, Problem Child | Soca 2024

Step into the pulsating heart of Trinidad's Carnival with the "Free To B Riddim": A Sonic Eruption for Carnival 202… Read more

Deh We Deh by Problem Child | Saint Vincent 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Infamous Muzic/Problem Child. Deh We Deh is a new Soca song by Problem Child for Saint Vincent an… Read more

Dat Shot by Problem Child | St. Lucia/Vincy Mas 2023

Image from YouTube Music Video © Problem Child/Lashley Motto Winter of Team Foxx "Dat Shot" is the latest music release… Read more

Mudda Wuk is Vincy Slang

Mudda Wuk is Vincy Slang; post created by  Sokah2Soca. “Mudda Wuk” is a slang term used in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The … Read more

Expensive Riddim | Kompa Soca 2023

Image Via YouTube Music Video © Motto/Teamfoxx There is a lot of interest in the music that Lashly "Motto" Winter prod… Read more

Happy Daze Riddim by Fryktion | Soca 2023

Photo via YouTube Music Video © Happy Daze Riddim Project This is new music for all upcoming carnivals starting with Tobago later… Read more

Rum & Road Riddim by Quincy Emanuels/Swick B | Soca 2023

Photo via Dj Easy YouTube music player © Rum & Road Riddim Project.   Today we feature the Rum & Road Riddim produced by … Read more

Road Bounce Riddim by Swick B

Things are beginning to heat up for Soca music lovers. The new riddims with singers from various territories are on the move! So … Read more

Magnum Riddim by Swick B | Soca 2023

Photo via YouTube Music Video © DjKQuickLive & the Magnum Project Production Team. So you are looking forward to the Trinidad… Read more

Coconut Leaf Riddim by Infamous Muzic | Soca

Image via YouTube Music Video; Image © Coconut Leaf Riddim Project. It is Friday evening and can mean two things today. It is th… Read more

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