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Deh We Deh by Problem Child | Saint Vincent 2023

Image via YouTube Music Video © Infamous Muzic/Problem Child. Deh We Deh is a new Soca song by Problem Child for Saint Vincent an… Read more

Dat Shot by Problem Child | St. Lucia/Vincy Mas 2023

Image from YouTube Music Video © Problem Child/Lashley Motto Winter of Team Foxx "Dat Shot" is the latest music release… Read more

Mudda Wuk is Vincy Slang

Mudda Wuk is Vincy Slang; post created by  Sokah2Soca. “Mudda Wuk” is a slang term used in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The … Read more

Expensive Riddim | Kompa Soca 2023

Image Via YouTube Music Video © Motto/Teamfoxx There is a lot of interest in the music that Lashly "Motto" Winter prod… Read more

Happy Daze Riddim by Fryktion | Soca 2023

Photo via YouTube Music Video © Happy Daze Riddim Project This is new music for all upcoming carnivals starting with Tobago later… Read more

Rum & Road Riddim by Quincy Emanuels/Swick B | Soca 2023

Photo via Dj Easy YouTube music player © Rum & Road Riddim Project.   Today we feature the Rum & Road Riddim produced by … Read more

Road Bounce Riddim by Swick B

Things are beginning to heat up for Soca music lovers. The new riddims with singers from various territories are on the move! So … Read more

Magnum Riddim by Swick B | Soca 2023

Photo via YouTube Music Video © DjKQuickLive & the Magnum Project Production Team. So you are looking forward to the Trinidad… Read more

Coconut Leaf Riddim by Infamous Muzic | Soca

Image via YouTube Music Video; Image © Coconut Leaf Riddim Project. It is Friday evening and can mean two things today. It is th… Read more

Big Joy Riddim Produced by The Great Zee

Take notice of what we have to say for these initial remarks regarding this riddim... temper your enthusiasm! Don't get too e… Read more

De Saltfish | Problem Child

Don't you just love our Soca artists? Hell yes, we do! It is said that Soca music will find a way to address a topic in a ve… Read more

Whole Heart by Problem Child | Saint Vincent 2019

Image via YouTube Video . Whole Heart by Problem Child was released for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2019 on the 10X Over Rid… Read more

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