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Nailah Blackman: The New Intellectual Chutney Monarch of 2024

Nailah Blackman, the Trinidadian Soca sensation, has added another feather to her cap by winning the first ever Intellectual Chut… Read more

Best Self by Nailah Blackman x Lyrikal

This isn't just a song; it's a battle cry. Penned by the talented Kitwana Israel and Nailah Blackman herself, "Best … Read more

Born To Fly by Nailah Blackman x Pumpa | Soca 2024

Calling all masqueraders, fete-goers, and Soca enthusiasts! This year's Carnival soundtrack boasts a fiery new anthem that… Read more

Round & Rosie by Nailah Blackman | Soca 2024

This is new music from Nailah Blackman for Trinidad and Tobago's 2024 carnival. Oh my, "Round and Rosie" will never… Read more

Jam of the Year by Nailah Blackman | Soca 2024

It is Friday, and we start the weekend with a new music video from Nailah Blackman. The song is titled "Jam of the Year"… Read more

La La by Hey Choppi x Nailah Blackman | Soca 2024

New music, image ©Nailah Blackman x Hey Choppi x Brooklyn Decent. The newly released song "La La" by Hey Choppi and Nai… Read more

Tip Tip by Nisha B x Nailah Blackman | Chutney Soca 2024

The newly released song "Tip Tip" by Nisha B and Nailah Blackman is flushed with a sensual vibe, a fusion of Soca and C… Read more

Endless Vibration by Marge Blackman x Nailah Blackman | Soca 2024

Image via YouTube music video © Jamoo13thsound. Keeping it all in the family and reprising the phrase "Endless Vibration&quo… Read more

Rum & Rasin by Nailah Blackman | 2023

Images © Nailah Blackman/Rum &Raisin Production. "Rum & Raisin" is the latest single by Nailah Blackman, releas… Read more

Best Friend | Nailah Blackman

Image via Bing Images © The Best Friend Project/Nailah Blackman/Team Salut Nailah Blackman nailed it with this new music release … Read more

Dingolay by Nailah Blackman x @Mical Teja | Soca 2022

Image via Bing Images  ©  "Dingolay" project. We are able to publish on the internet once again... it feels good and w… Read more

Like Dat | Nailah Blackman

Then and Now... Nailah Blackman There is much to unpack for this presentation but just to let you know there is a raw version and… Read more

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