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My All by Nadia Batson

Image via YouTube music video © Quiet Storm/Nadia Batson.   It is Friday, and we wanted a song to add some fanfare to usher in th… Read more

Nadia Batson Performs: Xperience the Quantum Fete 2024

If you are a fan of Soca music, you don't want to miss the chance to see Nadia Batson live in concert! Nadia Batson is one of… Read more

Feather by Nadia Batson | Soca 2024

If you are looking for a song to lift your spirits and make you feel light as a feather, look no further than Nadia Batson's … Read more

I'm Yuh Lover by Nadia Batson | Soca 2024

She is one of the most underrated Soca artists in Trinidad and Tobago. She is talented, a brilliant songwriter, and can paint a m… Read more

Everytime by Nadia Batson | Soca 2024

Oh Nadie! Nadia Batson can do no wrong, and when it comes to Soca music, she is on top of her game. So many will watch, wonder, a… Read more

Market by Nadia Batson | Soca 2024

Image via YouTube music video © Nadia Batson/Papo Productions.   Nadia Batson's latest single, "Market", is a livel… Read more

You, Soca & Money by Nadia Batson x Dan Evans | Soca 2024

Image via YouTube music video © Dan Evens/Nadia Batson. If you followed our newly released music posts using the YouTube music pl… Read more

Endurance by Nadia Batson | Soca 2023

Bing Images © Endurance Music Project/XplicitMevon/Nadia Batson Wow, I can't imagine that we missed this one last month... we… Read more

Outsider Riddim by Motto/Teamfoxx | Soca 2023

Image via Bing/RiddimsWorld © Outsider Riddim Project/TeamFoxx The music keeps coming for carnivals in 2023. Today we present the… Read more

Road Bounce Riddim by Swick B

Things are beginning to heat up for Soca music lovers. The new riddims with singers from various territories are on the move! So … Read more

Jelly by Nadia Batson | Soca 2022

Image via Vevo © Nadia Batson.  She is one of the best songwriters in Trinidad and Tobago, but wait, not only is she a prolific l… Read more

Coconut Leaf Riddim by Infamous Muzic | Soca

Image via YouTube Music Video; Image © Coconut Leaf Riddim Project. It is Friday evening and can mean two things today. It is th… Read more

Fuh Days (Official Music Video) | Lyrikal x Nadia Batson

Image via YouTube Video/Fuh Days Official Music Video. Look who's back! Today we revisit a song that was originally released … Read more

Green Eye Soca | Counting My Blessings by Nadia Batson

Image via YouTube Video. This new series, entitled Green Eye Soca, was done to address all those haters out there who simply like… Read more

Sexy Soca Ballad | Kiss by Nadia Batson

Sexy Nadia Batson, images © the Toatin Riddim Project. If you think about it Nadia Batson delivers some of the best lyrical conte… Read more

Nadia Batson | D'Music Safe & Sound

We continue with our acoustic music presentations showing off the talent of our Soca music artists. Today, we feature the very ta… Read more

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