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2023 Soca Switch by Dj Jel | The First Look

Image via YouTube Music Video © DJ Jel/2023 Soca Switch Next up with the latest mix tape for Carnival 2023 in Trinidad & Toba… Read more

Miami Carnival Charge 2022 by DJ Jel | Soca

Image via © 2022 Miami Carnival Charge/DJ Jel The "Miami-Broward One Carnival" is here again and Carnival mass… Read more

2022 Crop Over Charge | Dj Jel

Photo via YouTube Music Video © Dj Jel/2022 Crop Over Charge Summer is winding down in North America and, as we prepare for Labor… Read more

Parang Lime 2021 | Mixed by Dj Jel

Blended images via Bing images. Anyone who grew up in Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, or Carriacou will tell you that it is not C… Read more

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