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Party Criminal | Mr Killa x King Bubba | Spice Mas/Crop Over 2019

If you are one who love to get caught up in hype situation then this song will seal the deal for you. This is a hype song... … Read more

Darlin' | Shaquille | Crop Over 2019

Do you have a darlin'? Maybe you are thinking about someone special but you simply can't find the right words to intro… Read more

Push And Go Through | Marvay | Barbados Crop Over 2019

It is Friday and we present something that should make your weekend feel really good. Good music, great vibes and a sunshine… Read more

Crop Over Charge 2019 | Dj Jel | Barbados Kadooment Mix

Oh man, another excellent music mix from Dj Jel! Get this one and make sure to get on board with the Jusso Brunch if you are i… Read more

Think Twice | Rupee | Barbados 2019

Rupee is back and relevant for all summer carnivals in the Caribbean basin. Of particular interest is the impact this song wi… Read more

Yah Musse Mad | Talpree x ScrewFace | Grenada/Barbados 2019

Like your head gone bad!? It is carnival time again and people are looking for that one song to call  their carnival anthem. T… Read more

Sound The Alarm | Peter Ram | Barbados Crop Over 2019

Moving to the rhythm of the nation and we have moved on to some uptempo vibe for Crop Over Carnival 2019. This one is entitle… Read more

Turn It So | Mr Blood | Barbados Crop Over 2019

Today we present some good vibes from the Payoff Riddim to jump-start your weekend. This one is entitled "Turn It So"… Read more

Music | TC | Barbados Crop Over 2019

This is new music for Barbados Crop Over carnival 2019. The singer is Terencia "TC" Coward and her song is entitled… Read more

ASAP Riddim Mix | TeamFoxxMusic 2019

Today we jump into the weekend with some sweet Caribbean Soca. It is time to heat up the vibe and, having said that, we choos… Read more

Barbados Crop Over Music Releases | Carnival 2019

Caribbean Summer Carnivals are heating up the airwaves with loads of new music releases. One of our favorite places to '… Read more

Groundation | Edwin Yearwood | Barbados Crop Over 2019

Yearwood is on Fire! "Groundatation" is a taste of Vincy Vibes packaged for Crop Over 2019 with the sage of Bajan So… Read more

I Got Life | GQ | Barbados Crop Over 2019

It's a new day and we feel that it is time for some feel good music. If you woke up today feeling a little down, a little… Read more

De Formula | Kirk Brown | Barbados Crop Over 2019

Sometimes a song may not hit you initially but then it begins to grow on you, when that happens you declare that this one '… Read more

Vibes Up | Kirk Brown | Barbados Crop Over 2019

Today we feature new music for Barbados Crop Over 2019. This song is entitled "Vibes Up" sung by the artiste known a… Read more

One More Try | Ray Dainja | Barbados Crop Over 2019

Oh my, we love this one. The Payoff Riddim sound very special. Today we present a new music release for Barbados Crop Over 201… Read more

Shy Girl | Holla Bak x Shontelle | Crop Over 2019

It does not matter if you get enough 'crazy wine' from this musical addition for Crop Over 2019, it may not matter if… Read more

Push & Go Through | Marvay | Crop Over 2019

This one has a serious sweet Calypso vibe to it. Indeed, you have to push and go through when you have a story to tell and tod… Read more

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