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Sokah2Soca New Music Picks
This page provides a glimpse into some of the new music releases. We are posting a Soca player with the latest releases, a Chutney Soca player, and a favorite video player. These posts were once listed on the blog's sidebar. The look and feel of the site have changed. Nevertheless, we kept all of what we did on the previous version of Sokah2Soca, but we have arranged it in a different way on this version. We hope you like the changes. 
New Soca 2023 | Playlist 2
New Soca 2023 | Playlist 1
New Soca 2022 | Part 2 (YouTube allows 200 posts per player)
New Soca 2022 | Part 1 (YouTube allows 200 posts per player)
New Soca 2021
Chutney Soca 2023
Chutney Soca 2022
Chutney Soca 2021

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