Cook It by Patrice Roberts: Cooking Up Soca Sensuality

Photo from YouTube Music Video © Patrice Roberts/Rohan "Patexx" Rankine / Journey Records
Oh my, Patrice Roberts is on fire, cooking up sensual musical delight for her fans. Today we feature her latest music release, titled "Cook It." Patrice has consistently delivered sweet "Groove-Soca" music that beckons hips to roll with sensual intentions. “Cook It” is no exception—it’s a spicy concoction that blends irresistible rhythms with Patrice’s signature vocals.

Never get between a West Indian's love for good food and sensual Soca music. The lyrics of “Cook It” are as flavorful as a well-seasoned dish. Patrice sings about love, desire, and the intoxicating feeling of being close to someone. The metaphor of cooking adds a layer of sensuality—imagine simmering passion, sizzling chemistry, and a dash of spice. It’s a recipe for romance, served up with a side of groove. The imagery enhances Patrice's storytelling.

Kudos to the video production team, directed by Lord Edit. The visuals for “Cook It” are a feast for the eyes. Picture colorful Caribbean scenes (some real and some imagined), vibrant party scenes, and teasing dancers. Patrice herself is a vision—radiant, confident, and ready to ignite the dance floor. She surely expressed herself in new ways with her dance moves and various outfits worn for the music video. The video captures the essence of Soca culture: joy, movement, teasing sexuality, and unapologetic celebration.

Patrice Roberts has cooked up a musical feast with “Cook It.” We love it all: the music, the vocals and the visuals, all so damn good! It’s a reminder that music transcends borders and brings people together. In the grand tradition of Soca music, “Cook It” by Patrice Roberts is a spicy blend of passion, rhythm, and pure fun. It’s a reminder that music transcends borders—it unites us on dance floors across the globe. So, next time you hear those irresistible beats, channel your inner Patrice and cook up some love as only Soca music can. 

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Cook It 
Song Performed by: Patrice Roberts
Produced by: Rohan "Patexx" Rankine / Journey Records
Written by: Josiah Noray
Recorded by: Millbeatz Studios
Origin: Trinidad, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago 
Genre: Soca

Video Credits:
Directed By: LORD EDiT
Camera Operator: Antonio Achee 
Makeup: Glamour Art by Toya 
Hair: Darcels House of Hair
Styling & Wardrobe: Risanne Martin and Stefan Evans 
Special Thanks to Avala Restaurant & Lounge

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