D Dial: The Timekeeper of Arima

Let me share a fascinating tale about the Arima Dial, a cherished landmark in the heart of the Royal Chartered Borough of Arima, Trinidad and Tobago.

Once upon a sun-kissed morning in the late 19th century, the bustling town of Arima woke to a delightful surprise. Mayor John Francis Wallen, a man of vision and civic pride, had procured a remarkable gift for his beloved borough. It was the year 1898, and Arima was celebrating its 10th anniversary since being elevated to the prestigious status of a Royal Borough.

The gift was no ordinary trinket—it was the Arima Dial, a majestic clock that had journeyed all the way from the charming city of Nice, France. Mayor Wallen, with a twinkle in his eye, unveiled the clock to the townspeople. Its intricate design, adorned with ornate details, captured their imaginations.

The Arima Dial found its home at the bustling intersection of Broadway Street and Woodford Street. There, amidst the vibrant market stalls, the aroma of cocoa, and the lively chatter of traders, it stood tall—a sentinel of time and community.

The townsfolk soon discovered that the chimes of the Arima Dial were more than mere timekeepers. They resonated with a sense of belonging, anchoring the people to their daily rhythms. As dawn painted the sky in hues of coral and gold, the clock’s melodious notes would echo through the streets, announcing the birth of a new day. Children scampered to school, market vendors set up their wares, and families greeted each other with warm smiles—all in harmony with the rhythmic cadence of the Arima Dial.

Generations passed, and the Arima Dial remained steadfast. It witnessed joyous celebrations, solemn processions, and whispered secrets shared under its timeless gaze. Lovers stole kisses by its base, and elders reminisced about days gone by. The clock became woven into the very fabric of Arima—a silent witness to the ebb and flow of life.

During the annual Carib Santa Rosa Festival, the Arima Dial took center stage. Crowds gathered, clad in vibrant costumes, to honor the Patron Saint of the New World, Santa Rosa de Lima. The clock’s chimes seemed to harmonize with the beating of drums and the laughter of children, creating a symphony of celebration.

And so, the Arima Dial stood—a guardian of memories, a beacon of time, and a testament to Mayor Wallen’s foresight. Its hands moved inexorably, marking the passing hours, seasons, and centuries. The people of Arima cherished it not only as a functional timepiece but as a symbol of their shared history and resilience.

Next time you stroll through the sun-dappled streets of Arima, pause by the Arima Dial. Listen closely, and perhaps you’ll hear the whispers of generations past—their laughter, dreams, and the heartbeat of a town forever intertwined with the rhythm of time.

And so ends our tale of the Arima Dial, a clock that transcends mere mechanics to become a cherished part of Arima’s soul. 🕰️

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