Calypso Fiesta 2024 Live Audio/Recorded Video: Order of Appearance

The Calypso Fiesta in Trinidad is a vibrant celebration of music, culture, and creativity. On Saturday, February 3rd, the stage at Skinner Park, San Fernando, "Reignite Calypso Music" will come alive with the rhythmic beats and soulful lyrics of talented calypsonians.

I hope you are as excited as I am to enjoy this spectacular show of talent, creativity, and a display of various calypso styles, including dance calypso and social and political commentaries. Calypso Fiesta is more than just a competition; it is a celebration of our culture and history.

At the end of the event, the top performers will secure a spot in the National Calypso Monarch final on Dimanche Gras night, February 11. Former winners like Chuck Gordon, Karene Asche, and Terri Lyons, as well as Soca music icon Machel Montano and current Young King Mical Teja, will vie for a place in the finals, where Duane Ta'zyah O’Connor will defend the crown he won last year. Let the melodies sway, the lyrics resonate, and the spirit of calypso thrive!

We have audio via Talkcity Radio 91.1 FM and recorded video performances posted below: Enjoy and share this post with your peers!

The Calypso Fiesta will start at 2:00 pm at Skinner Park, San Fernando, and last until 10 p.m. or later/until finished. The order of appearances is as follows:

  1. Karen Asche (The Calypso Princess) - No Excuse
  2. Hammond Bruce (Slick) - Trinidad Is Not a Real Place
  3. Richard Raj-Kumar (Chromatics) - 2 Party
  4. Mical Williams (Mical Teja) - DNA
  5. Terri Lyons - Play Panman
  6. Roderick Gordon (Chuck Gordon) - Charlsie
  7. Myron Bruce (Calypso Nite) - Gunsmoke in the Dancehall
  8. Romel Lezama (Papamel) - Real Talk
  9. Caston Cupid - Straight From The Heart
  10. Phillip Murray (Black Sage) - Stone
  11. Garth St Clair - The Anthem
  12. Giselle Fraser Washington (GG) - We Going Fighting
  13. Ezekiel Yorke - No Greater Gift
  14. Stephen Marcelle - Country of Survival
  15. Alana Sinnette-Khan - Lady Watchman - Shopping In Miami
  16. Mark Eastman Generation
  17. Crystal Charles - The Legal Diva - Standing My Ground
  18. Kurt Alleyne - Last Bardjohn of Calypso - The First Investigation
  19. Eric James - Is D People
  20. Nakasa Thatcher-Roberts - Find Ah Station
  21. Rivaldo London - Here In T&T
  22. Nicole Thomas - The Truth Is
  23. Aaron Duncan - Characters
  24. Aaron Sinnette - Tick Tock
  25. Sean Singh - (Ifa) - Jack and Jill
  26. Winston Gypsy Peters (Gypsy) - Ungrateful
  27. Machel Montano - Soul of Calypso
  28. Shamika Denoon - All We Saltfish
  29. Stacey Sobers-Abraham (Stacey Sobers) -Respect the Tribe
  30. Victoria Cooper-Rahim (Queen Victoria) - The Enemy
  31. Keith Wason (Def Prince) - Identity Crisis
  32. Wendy Garrick - Keep Yuh Head Up
  33. Heaven Charles (Snakey) - Wake Up Calypso
  34. Brian London - Hell
  35. Michelle Henry - When The Fighting STart
  36. Naomi Sinnette - Dem Advisors
  37. Kerine Williams-Figaro (Tiny) - Through These Eyes
  38. Alex Gift (Tobago Chalkie) - The Feud
  39. Helon Francis - Representing We
  40. Selvon Noel (Mistah Shak) - De Return

What would the competition be without someone sitting on the bench waiting to be called? In the Calypso tent, this position of waiting to be called is called "scrubbing the bench". Tomorrow's reserve:
Arnold Jordan (Jaw'D) - The Message

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Listen Live via TalkCity Radio then catch the video performance below. The Calypso Fiesta 2024 Performances are compliments of "KULTURE Video/YouTube". Refresh your screen to update additional performances. 

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