Tobago Takes Top Honors: T&TEC New Eastside Dimension Crowned 2024 National Small Bands Panorama Champions!

Write a short post about the National Small Bands Panorama Champions 2024: T&TEC New Eastside Dimension hailing from the sister isle of Tobago. Use the following information: Tune of choice "Toco Band". Arranged by Kersh Ramsey. Venue Skinner Park, San Fernando, Trinidad. Date: Saturday January 12th. 

The sister isle of Tobago erupted in celebration last Saturday night as T&TEC New Eastside Dimension claimed the coveted title of National Small Bands Panorama Champions 2024! The Skinner Park crowd in San Fernando, Trinidad, witnessed a mesmerizing performance of "Toco Band," arranged by the talented Kersh Ramsey, that captivated judges and spectators alike.

From the opening notes, New Eastside Dimension established a vibrant energy that pulsed through the entire rendition. Ramsey's arrangement cleverly showcased the raw power and agility of the small band format, weaving intricate melodies with infectious rhythms that had the audience swaying and stomping in unison. The band's execution was flawless, each musician pouring their heart and soul into every note, showcasing the dedication and passion that are hallmarks of Tobago's pan community.

"Toco Band" proved to be the perfect choice for New Eastside Dimension. The tune, steeped in Trinbagonian musical heritage, resonated deeply with both performers and the audience, creating a powerful sense of connection and shared joy. As the final notes faded, the judges' decision was met with rapturous applause, confirming New Eastside Dimension's well-deserved victory.

This triumph marks a significant milestone for the band, solidifying their place among the steel pan elite. It also serves as a testament to the vibrant and innovative pan scene thriving in Tobago, a testament to the island's deep musical roots and unwavering dedication to this treasured cultural art form.

Sokah2Soca extends our heartfelt congratulations to T&TEC New Eastside Dimension on their historic win! Their exceptional performance at the 2024 National Small Bands Panorama has undoubtedly etched their name in the annals of steel pan history, leaving a lasting mark on the hearts and minds of pan enthusiasts across Trinidad and Tobago.

The Results were as follows
01. New East Side Dimension (Tobago) - Toco Band - Kersh Ramsey - 283 Points
02. T&T Defence Force Steel Orchestra - Ben Lion - Shaquille Vincent - 280 
03. Uptown Fascinators - Chutney Bacchanal - Ojay Richards - 279
04. La Horquetta Pan Groove - Spring Garden on Fire - Stefon West - 278
05. Fusion Steel - Free Up - Darren Sheppard - 277
05. St. Margaret's Superstars - Somebody - Sheldon Peters - 277
07. Golden Hands Steel Orchestra - Tension - Vanessa Headley Brewster - 276
07. First Citizens Tobago Pan-Thers - Teaser - Micheal Toby - 276
09. Tokyo Steel Orchestra - Sing in She Party - Carlton "Zanda" Alexander - 275
09. Arima Golden Symphony - Doh Back Back - Terrance "BJ" Marcelle - 275
09. Harvard Harps - Dead or Alive - Liam Teague - 275
09. Our Boys - Say Say - Marlon White - 275
13. Fascinators Pan Symphony - Deputy - 275
14. Road Block Steel Orchestra - Jahaji Bhai - 268
14. Panasonic Connection - Ragga Ragga - 268

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Tune of Choice: Toco Band
Song by: Aldwyn Roberts aka Lord Kitchener
Arranged for Steelband by Kersh Ramsey
Pans Tuned by: *****
Venue: Skinners Park, San Fernando, Trinidad
Origin: Trinidad and Tobago
Genre: Steelband

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