Power Soca 2024: Road March contenders for Trinidad & Tobago Carnival

In the beginning, it was Calypso music that was the driving force behind Trinidad and Tobago carnivals and, by extension, the rest of the Caribbean region. Fast forward to the seventies and the advent of Soca music. Everything changed as most of the reputable Calypsonians transitioned to Soca music. Today, a new breed of singers is at the forefront of our Carnival music. Singers like Kees, Voice, Preedy, Machel Montano, Destra Garcia, Patrice Roberts, and so many others 'run things'. Soca music is now the machine that runs West Indian-style carnivals around the world.

Yes, Soca is boss, but there are so many subgenres of the music. Having said that, one has to take note that in most cases, two styles of music generate the most attention: groovy and power soca. Groove Soca is slower and is excellent for dancing at parties and for those who love to take a slow whine with someone special. Power Soca, on the other hand, is the energy engine of Carnival. This style of music is played for masqueraders to 'get on bad' and generate energy when masquerading on carnival days. This is also the music that is used to hype the crowd at carnival fetes. This is the sub-genre that we feature in this post.

Power Soca is a subgenre of soca music that is characterized by its fast tempo, energetic vocals, and heavy use of percussion and electronic instruments. This brand of music brings out the 'carnival beast' with a display of festive exuberance while masquerading on the road in carnival bands. No other subgenre of Soca can compete for the Road March title and win. Recently, Kes the Band came close with their beloved song, "Savannah Grass," but in the end, the people demanded something that 'brought out the carnival beast, and "Famalay" by Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano, and Bunji Garlin prevailed.  Last year, for Carnival 2023, Power Soca prevailed again when Bunji won the Road March title with a song titled "Go Hard," another energy-driven song.

As a result of this dominance, our post today features most of the Power Soca songs released for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2024. We are sure that there will be additional releases to add to this YouTube Power Soca mixtape by Julianspromos. We love our Groove Soca music, but when it comes to "carnival on the road," Power Soca rules the day! 

There are many contenders for the Road March title this year but who will prevail is the question of the day? Our YouTube Power Soca Player of potential Road March contenders is presented with the compliments of Julianspromos... Enjoy!

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Mix-Tape: Power Soca Music Releases 2024 TT
Origin: Trinidad, Caribbean Region
Genre: Power Soca

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