Love Language by Kinetic | Soca 2024

Kinetic is a US-based singing duo that has released their first offering for Carnival 2024 in Trinidad and Tobago. Originally from Trinidad, the team of Keston “De Chancellor” Harris and Kwasi “KHemSun” Jones delivers a catchy and energetic song that celebrates the spirit of carnival.
The song’s title, “Love Language," may suggest a romantic theme, but the lyrics reveal a different kind of love: the love for the culture and the fun of partying, feting, and having fun at Carnival 2024. One partner is a party animal while the other is conservative and likes to stay home. The song invites the partner to join the celebration and express their love language through waving their rags, jumping, and dancing. In addition to the excellent music, the song pays homage to the history and diversity of Trinidad and Tobago; it is a celebration of our carnival culture, celebrated by a diverse cosmopolitan society. 

The music is pure fire soca, composed by Rapid Entertainment, with a fast-paced and upbeat rhythm that matches the vocal style of the duo. The song features a host of live music instruments, such as bass, trumpet, trombone, and horns, that add richness and depth to the sound. The production is excellent, with additional work done by Lyon Road Production, Peter “WiLDXFiRE” Noel, and Garvin Marcele, who arranged the horns and recorded them at G Note Recording Studio.  

This is an excellent production by Rapid Entertainment that features additional production, mixing, and mastering done by Lyon Road Production, Peter "WiLDXFiRE" Noel, and a host of live music instruments. Bass by Roots, trumpet by Charles Williams, trombone by Daniel Gill, with a special arrangement of the horns by Garvin Marcele that was recorded at G Note Recording Studio. Background vocals for "Love Language" were done by the multi-talented Peter "WiLDXFiRE" Noel and Trinibaby. There is so much to feel good about with this production. 

The song is a great example of how soca music can be innovative and modern while still staying true to its roots and traditions. The song is sure to have an impact on Carnival 2024, especially when the radio stations put the song in rotation. We recommend this song to anyone who loves soca music or who wants to experience the vibe and energy of carnival in Trinidad and Tobago. This song is a must-have for your playlist!

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Love Language
Artist/Performed by: Kinetic
Written by: Keston Harris 
Produced by: Rapid Entertainment 
Additional Production by - Lyon Roar Productions
Mix & Mastered by: Lyon Roar Productions
Vocal Arrangements by: Peter "WiLDXFiRE" Noel
Background Vocals by Peter "WiLDXFiRE" Noel & "Trinibaby"
Bass by: Roots
Trumpet by: Charles Williams. 
Trombone by:  Daniel Gill. 
Horns arranged and recorded by: Garvin Marcelle @ G Note Recording Studio
Horns by: All Stars Brass.
Artwork by: Nikkeisha Stewart 
Origin: US/Trinidad and Tobago
Genre: Soca

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