Doh Say Nuttin by Chuck Gordon | Jiggy Calypso 2024

Chuck Gordon's latest calypso, "Doh Say Nuttin," isn't just a song; it's a message. Written by Jason "Shaft" Bishop and Roderick Gordon, it skewers the all-too-familiar Trinbagonian tendency to gossip and meddle in others' affairs. This infectious tune is a must-have for your 2024 Carnival playlist, offering a catchy melody, insightful lyrics, and Chuck Gordon's characteristically vibrant vocals.

The song's core message is simple yet powerful: if you don't know what's going on, keep your mouth shut. "Doh Say Nuttin" serves as a witty rebuke to nosy neighbors, rumormongers, and anyone who thrives on unsubstantiated chatter. Bishop's sharp lyrics ("Eye long like a telescope, mouth open like megaphone") paint a vivid picture of these busybodies, while Gordon's smooth delivery adds a layer of playful charm to the admonishment.

But "Doh Say Nuttin" isn't just about shushing the gossip. It's also a celebration of community and understanding. The underlying message is one of respect and empathy, encouraging listeners to avoid jumping to conclusions and instead seek the truth before judgment.

Musically, the song is a delicious blend of traditional calypso and modern sounds. Composed by Jason "Shaft" Bishop, Scott Galt, and Michael Hulsmeier, and produced by De Red Boyz and DP Productions, "Doh Say Nuttin" boasts a unique "Jiggy Calypso" flavor. The vibrant horns, bouncy rhythm, and infectious melody make it impossible to not move your feet. Chuck's vocals soar effortlessly over the music, adding a layer of warmth and charisma to the already-energizing track.

Whether you're a seasoned calypso listener or a newcomer to the genre, "Doh Say Nuttin" has something for everyone. It's a song with an important message, delivered with wit and musical ingenuity. This is a true gem of the 2024 Carnival season, destined to be blasted from street corners to fetes, bringing smiles and reminding us all to, well, doh say nuttin!

Verdict: Highly recommended. A catchy melody, insightful lyrics, and Chuck Gordon's stellar vocals make "Doh Say Nuttin" a must-have for your 2024 Carnival playlist. This brilliant Calypso is sure to get you moving and leave you with a message to ponder. So go ahead and check out Chuck Gordon's "Doh Say Nuttin": A Jiggy Calypso Gem for Trinidad and Tobago's 2024 Carnival.

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Doh Say Nuttin
Artist/Performed by: Chuck Gordon
Produced by: De Red Boyz
Co-produced by: Damien "Crazy D" Preston (DP Productions)
Written by: Jason "Shaft" Bishop and Roderick Gordon 
Music Composed by: Jason "Shaft" Bishop, Scott Galt, and Michael Hulsmeier 
Guitar by: Ian "Hoggit" Alleyne 
Trumpet by: Kevyn Lynch
Trombone by: Jomo Slusher 
Backing Vocals by: Llettesha Sylvester-Charles, Roderick Gordon, and Scott Galt 
Bass by: Nicholas Brancker 
Percussion by: Frank "Foreigner Frank" Coppin 
Mix and Mastered by: Andrew Denny @ Drews Crib
Executive Producer: Roderick Gordon
Origin: Trinidad/Barbados
Genre: Jiggy Calypso 

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). No copyright infringement is intended! We don't own the rights to this music; it is presented here for promotional use only. We encourage you to promote the artists and their music; please don't download and share them and rob the artists of needed income! I, nor this blog, make any claims of ownership over any of the videos, songs, photos, or graphics used for this post because they all belong to their respective owners.
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