Calypso Fiesta 2024: Machel Montano returns to his roots, Mical Teja brings new DNA

"By Calypso, our stories are told." This is the greatest Calypso show that you will experience at Carnival 2024. Yes, it will be better than the finals! All the drama, the toilet paper crew waiting to pelt the rolls on stage when someone bombs (if they do), and just the festive atmosphere make this the event of the season now that the Soca Monarch competition is a no-go!

So, having said that, are you ready for the biggest calypso event of the year? The Calypso Semi Finals 2024 are coming to Skinner Park in San Fernando on Saturday, February 3rd, and you don’t want to miss it!

The competition is fierce this year, as 40 talented calypsonians will vie for a spot in the grand finals at the Dimanche Gras show on Carnival Sunday. Among them are some familiar names, such as former monarchs Karene Asche, Kurt Allen, Chucky Gordon, Terri Lyons, and Helon Francis. But there are also some newcomers and surprises, such as Machel Montano and Mical Teja, who are making their debuts in the calypso arena.

Machel Montano, the king of Soca, has decided to return to his Calypso roots this year with his song "Soul of Calypso", a tribute to the music and the birth of Soca. Mical Teja, a rising star in the soca scene, has also entered the fray with his song "DNA", a catchy tune, but more importantly, a patriotic song that celebrates his/our mixed heritage and identity. Both songs have been well received by the public and the critics and have generated a lot of buzz and excitement.

This will not be a cakewalk for Machel and Mical Teja because they will have to face tough competition from the veterans and the young guns, who are all ready to deliver their best performances and impress the judges and the audience. The semifinals will also feature some of the best social and political commentary, humor, and satire that Calypso is known for and some of the most melodious and infectious rhythms and melodies.

So, if you love calypso, or if you want to experience the true spirit and culture of Trinidad and Tobago, then you should not miss the Calypso Semi Finals 2024. The show starts at noon, and tickets are available at all NLCB outlets and online from TUCO's website. Come and support your favorite calypsonians and enjoy a day of music, fun, and entertainment. See you at Skinner Park!
Name of Singer
  1. Aaron Duncan
  2. Aaron Sinnette
  3. Alana Sinette-Khan
  4. Alex Gift
  5. Brian London
  6. Caston Cupid
  7. Crystal Charles
  8. Eric James 
  9. Ezekiel Yorke
  10. Garth St. Clair
  11. Giselle F-Washington
  12. Hammond Bruce
  13. Heaven Charles
  14. Helon Francis 
  15. Karene Asche
  16. Keith Watson
  17. Kerine Williams-Figaro
  18. Kurt Allen
  19. Machel Montano
  20. Mark Eastman
  21. Mical Williams
  22. Michelle Henry
  23. Myron Bruce
  24. Makasa Thatcher
  25. Niclole Thomas
  26. Naomi Sinnette
  27. Phillip Murray
  28. Richard Raj-Kumar
  29. Rivaldo London
  30. Roderick Gordon
  31. Romel Lezama
  32. Sean Singh
  33. Selvon Noel
  34. Shamika Denoon
  35. Stacey Sobers
  36. Stephen Marcelle
  37. Terri Lyons
  38. Victoria Cooper-Rahim
  39. Wendy Garrick-Thomas
  40. Winston Peters
  1. Aaron Duncan
  2. Aaron Sinnette
  3. Lady Watchman
  4. Tobago Chalkie
  5. Brian London
  6. Caston Cupid
  7. The Legal Diva
  8. Eric James
  9. Ezekiel Yorke
  10. Garth St. Clair
  11. G.G.
  12. Slick
  13. Snakey
  14. Helon Francis
  15. Calypso Princess
  16. Def Prince
  17. Tiny
  18. Last Bardjohn
  19. MM
  20. Mark Eastman
  21. Mical Teja
  22. Michelle Henry
  23. Calypso Nite
  24. Makasa 
  25. Nicole Thomas
  26. Naomi Sinnette
  27. Black Sage
  28. Chromatics
  29. Rivaldo London
  30. Chuck Gordon
  31. Pappamel 
  32. Efa 
  33. Mistah Shak
  34. Shamika D
  35. Stacey Sobers
  36. Stephen M
  37. Terri
  38. Queen Victoria
  39. Wendy Garrick
  40. Gypsy
Name of Song
  1. Character
  2. Tic Toc
  3. Shopping in Miami
  4. The Feud
  5. Hell
  6. Straight from d heart
  7. Standing my Ground
  8. Is D People
  9. No Greater Gift
  10. We and Them
  11. We going Fighting. 
  12. TT not a real place
  13. Wake Up Calypso
  14. Representing We
  15. No Excuse
  16. Identity Crisis 
  17. Through These Eyes
  18. First Investigation
  19. Soul of Calypso
  20. Generation
  21. DNA
  22. When fighting start
  23. Gunsmoke in dance
  24. Find Ah Station 
  25. The Truth Is 
  26. Dem Advisors
  27. Stone
  28. 2 Party 
  29. Here in T&T
  30. Charlsie
  31. Real Talk
  32. Jack and Jill
  33. De Return
  34. Ah We Saltfish
  35. Respect the Tribe
  36. Country of Survival
  37. Play Panman
  38. The Enemy
  39. Keep Yuh Head Up
  40. Ungrateful
What would the competition be without someone sitting on the bench waiting to be called? In this case, the person is the designated "Reserve Artist" aka "scrubbing the bench": Arnold Jordan 

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Show: Calypso Fiesta 2024
Origin: Trinidad, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Genre: Calypso

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Here is a sample of some of the songs that will compete for a place in the Finals 2024

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