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Inventor by Olatunji | CalypSoca 2024

Today we present a new song from Olatunji produced by De Red Boyz; this song has potential. In Olatunji's CalypSoca song &quo… Read more

Let's Pretend by Patrice Roberts | Soca 2024

Carnival is a time of fun and having a good time. As the festival approaches, many plan ahead and daydream of their party time to… Read more

One Stop Shop by Kerwin Du Bois | Soca 2024

Did you hear what Kerwin said? "Everything you want right here, we are the best over here, only the best over here!" In… Read more

Pass Around by Bunji Garlin | Soca 2024

This is new music from the Ragga Soca champion, Bunji Garlin. The song is entitled "Pass Around" and speaks truth to po… Read more

Trinidad Sweet by Voice x V'ghn | Soca 2024

The people love to say "Sweet Trinidad and Tobago," and today we can sing along to the song "Trinidad Sweet" … Read more

Panorama 2024 | National Single Pan Semi-Finals

Panorama 2024 is here in all its glory, starting with the "Single Pan Semi-Finals" competition. Indeed, we have to star… Read more

So High by Sheriff & Olatunji | Soca 2024

Sheriff and Olatunji's 2024 Soca song "So High" is about the experience of falling in love. The song's lyrics c… Read more

Low by DJ Private Ryan & Mela Caribe | Soca 2024

I am very pleased to post this "happy song" by DJ Private Ryan and Mela Caribe. There is something special about the mu… Read more

Time 2 Party by Olatunji & Travis World | Soca 2024

Oh yes, Ola, it is time to party again in Trinidad and Tobago, and for this post, we feature new music from Olatunji &Travis … Read more

Smooth Ride by Farmer Nappy | Soca 2024

This is new music from Darryl "Farmer Nappy" Henry for Trinidad and Tobago's 2024 Carnival. This song has an 'O… Read more

Magic Touch by DJ Private Ryan x Keshav | Soca 2024

The song "Magic Touch" by Dj Private Ryan x Keshav was recently released for Trinidad and Tobago's 2024 Carnival. T… Read more

Round & Rosie by Nailah Blackman | Soca 2024

This is new music from Nailah Blackman for Trinidad and Tobago's 2024 carnival. Oh my, "Round and Rosie" will never… Read more

Tell Yuh Mudda Now by Bunji Garlin | Soca 2024

No disrespect to all other Soca artists out there; there is no one who can call the game the way it is played, like Bunji Garlin.… Read more

D'Panyard by Chuck Gordon | 2024 Soca

Once again, Chuck Gordon has struck a musical note that will resonate well with those interested in songs for the steelpan. Then … Read more

How Ah Livin' by Farmer Nappy | Soca 2024

This is new music from Farmer Nappy for Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival 2024. If, after listening to this song, you don't … Read more

Everytime by Nadia Batson | Soca 2024

Oh Nadie! Nadia Batson can do no wrong, and when it comes to Soca music, she is on top of her game. So many will watch, wonder, a… Read more

Life After Fete by Kerwin Du Bois | Soca 2024

This is new musical sweetness from the brilliant Kerwin Du Bois. The song is entitled "Life After Fete" for Carnival 20… Read more

Jam of the Year by Nailah Blackman | Soca 2024

It is Friday, and we start the weekend with a new music video from Nailah Blackman. The song is titled "Jam of the Year"… Read more

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