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The "law is an ass" is a derisive expression said when the rigid application of the letter of the law is seen to be contrary to common sense. Source: The Phrase Finder

Calypsonians, the voice of the people, relish the opportunity to address the nation's mood on a given topic. political and social commentaries; topics that are fodder for any Calypsonian worth his salt. For a topic like "The Law is an Ass", sentiment is an ideal top that requires intelligent social commentary from a Calypso bard. Today we feature a classic example of the with and biting commentary from one of Trinidad and Tobago's Calypsonian. This is "The Law is an Ass" sung by Llewlyn McIntosh; his sobriquet is "Short Pants".

Llewelyn "Short Pants" McIntosh composed and sang the calypso "The Law is an Ass" in 1979. The song is a satirical commentary on the Trinidad and Tobago legal system, which McIntosh considered unjust. The song's lyrics are full of wit and humor, and they have been praised for their sharp social commentary.

The song begins with McIntosh singing about how the law is "an ass" because it is "blind" and "deaf". He proceeds to describe how the law is used to oppress the poor and the working class. In contrast, the wealthy and powerful can get away with crimes. McIntosh also criticizes the legal system for being slow and inefficient. He also criticizes it for being more interested in protecting the wealthy's interests than upholding justice.

The song ends with McIntosh urging listeners to "fight the law" and "be free". He argues that the law is not a force for goodness but rather a tool of oppression. The song "The Law is an Ass" is a powerful and important social commentary, and it remains relevant today.

The song was a hit in Trinidad and Tobago and made McIntosh a national icon. Additionally, calypso music saw a comeback in popularity as a result of the song's success. This had been declining in popularity in the years leading up to the song's release.

"The Law is an Ass" is a classic calypso song still enjoyed today. It is a reminder of music's power to speak truth to power and challenge the status quo. After listening to the song, please leave a comment via this post regarding your thoughts about this classic Calypso. As a matter of fact, share this post with your social media contacts, the singer and this blogger will appreciate your assistance in spreading our culture... Kaiso, kaiso, that is Calypso!

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: The Law is an Ass
Artist/Name: Llewellyn McIntosh 
Sobriquet: Short Pants
Music by: Clive Bradley & Orchestra
Music Arranged by: Frankie Francis
Chorus: Jocelyn, Venie & Earl
Recorded at: Caribbean Sound Studios
NME Productions
Year: 1979
Recording Engineer: Charles Nicol
Published by: PRS Music
Record Pressed in Barbados by West Indies Records Barbados Ltd. 
Genre: Calypso

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