Pan in the 21st Century & Pan Down Memory Lane | The Finals 2023

The most outstanding "single-pan bands" under the banner of Pan Down Memory Lane and the top traditional bands under the banner of "Pan in the 21st Century" will compete against one another on the same night. One night two competitions to determine two champions. This should be fun!

The bands competing in the two events are listed in the image above, along with the order of appearances. The performances will begin at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, June 11, on the big stage at the big yard, Queens Park Savannah.

The cost of admission at the Grandstand, Queens Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain is TT$200.00 for general admission and TT$400.00 for reserved seats. Tickets can be purchased at Pan Trinbago's Head Office and Pan Trinbago's Treasury Department (Grandstand Queens Park Savannah) and from Island E-Tickets Island E-Tickets • Login | Users (

For those living overseas or for anyone who wants to stay at home and watch the show live, there will be a Pay Per View option. Wack Visual Radio 90.1FM will provide the service. To purchase an E-Ticket for the show for USD$25 link here: Pan in the 21st and Pan Down Memory Lane 2023.

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