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Soca music is on the rise worldwide, no doubt! Mainstream Soca artists, especially from Trinidad & Tobago, work year-round and are doing extremely well in North America. Having said that, we have to think about fans who are online seeking information about their favorite artists. We also have to think about general information about the Soca music industry. Some savvy fans can find the information they need easily but there are those who don't want to make the effort or are easily frustrated and give up or ask their peers for help. There is a better way to find the information you need. Welcome to FeedSpot, your online Soca blog feed source in one place.

FeedSpot has a myriad of services for all topics but for this post we focus on Soca Blogs. Recently, FeedSpot listed their "Top 15 Soca Blogs". We have included a link to the list. We are proud of our place at number two but our place on the list can be misleading. Why? Simply put, each blog has a different focus. If you want the full picture visit to each site and see what their focus is on their site. 

At Sokah2Soca we provide the latest information about the latest music on our main page. However, we highly recommend visiting our main menu where we have a trove of valuable information about Calypso, Soca and carnival culture in general. We are thankful to all our readers for putting us on the map, and our place at number 2... thank you!

Here is the link to the Top 15 Soca Blogs and Websites: 

News Update:
Check out our first post in a new series titled, "Calypso Memories". If you are interested or just curious about Calypso history, then this post will be of interest to you.

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