Black Stalin Tribute by the Nicholas Brancker Band

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Today, while listening to Mr. Desmond and Kenny Phillips on Wack Radio, a caller asked about a Black Stalin tribute melody recently played on the station. Mr. Desmond mentioned that the melody was done by Nicholas Brancker; he meant The Nicholas Brancker Band! I did my due diligence and located the tribute video. This is the feature of the post, a tribute to the late Dr. Leroy Caliste, who died on the 24th of July. September 1941 – sunset on the 28th. December 2022.

The Black Stalin Tribute by The Nicholas Brancker Band (from Barbados) is a stunning tribute to the legendary Trinidadian calypsonian, Black Stalin. This presentation is a masterpiece of Caribbean music, featuring powerful vocals, intricate instrumentals, and soulful rhythms by the Nicholas Brancker Band. These rhythms transport listeners to the heart of Trinidad's vibrant musical culture from the late Black Stalin. Each track selected for this presentation is expertly crafted. It showcases the incredible talent of the Nicholas Brancker Band and their deep appreciation for Black Stalin's music.

The Black Stalin Tribute is a must-listen for anyone who loves Caribbean music or is interested in Trinidad and Tobago's rich musical traditions. It is a fitting tribute to one of the greatest calypsonians of all time and a testament to his enduring power. Highly recommended.

I have to admit that the singer, Adrian, was excellent and sounded very much like the late maestro, Black Stalin. This feature is pure excellence and one of the finest Black Stalin tributes I have seen online. Kudos to The Nicholas Brancker Band.

Notes from Nicholas Brancker:
This was the final rehearsal before our first performance after Black Stalin's passing. We had just finished a workshop at UWI for students and decided to document and share this medley with you. This is a tribute to a humble, joyful and committed Caribbean son. Live on, Brother!

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Music/Production Notes:
Title: Black Stalin Tribute (Footage from Final Day Rehearsal for Naniki Music Fest )
Musical Arrangement by: Nicholas Brancker
Vocals by - Adrian Clarke
Band: Nicholas Brancker Band
Bass: Nicholas Brancker
Drums - Melvin Alick
Keys - Darien Bailey
Keys - Andre Daniel
Trombone - Jomo Slusher
Saxes - Romaro Greaves
Trumpet - Kevyn Lynch
Guitar - Tristan Haynes
Pan & Percussion - Andre Forde
Background Vocals - Israel Allen & Casheda Dotten 

Songs Featured:
  • Suffers
  • Bun Dem
  • We Could Make It If We Try
  • The Caribbean Man
  • This Party Cyar Done
  • Black Man Feeling to Party
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