No More Rum Songs in Chutney Soca

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So after a very poor showing at this year's Chutney Soca Monarch, the demise of the very popular Soca Monarch and the struggles of Calypso and attendance at Calypso tents Southex thinks that the problem with Chutney music is the proliferation of "Rum Songs"! What do you think about that? It is about time that something is done to fix this music genre; if that is done, Chutney Soca will find a home here on Soka2Soca. 

First of all, the proliferation of "Rum Songs" has always been a problem. It isn't that songs showcasing rum in the lyrics are a problem. The problem is the total lack of talent when writing the songs. Praising rum and singing that you love rum is easy to do. Writing a good song that using rum as the subject, if well done, if well written can be successful. It is that the current way of writing is not going to cut it; double enterndre could be used effectively but that is not the case. Having said that, rum songs are not the only problem with Chutney music and when we say Chutney music, we also mean Chutney Soca songs. 

As mentioned above, rum lyrics are not the only issue. Lack of originality is a serious issue. Everything sounds the same and one of the major issues that this blogger has with Chutney Soca is the use of Bollywood music. They simply take the music from Bollywood films and adapt it to their songs... how can you grow an industry if you lack originality and continue to use music created elsewhere, copied from Bollywood?

What Southex needs to do is eliminate all Bollywood music in Chutney music (for competitions) and encourage as well as reward those who create original music. Talk is cheap and 'ole-talk' for 'ole-talk' sake will not right the ship!

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RumShop Chutney Mix by DJ Ambrose

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