Katzenjammers wins the National Medium Bands Panorama 2023

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Tobago came alive with sweet steelpan music when the National Medium Conventional steelbands competed to win the national crown at Carnival 2023. During the Steelband festival in Bacolot, Scarborough Tobago, twelve steelbands performed, and one band emerged as the champion. 

Congratulations to the winners, Katzenjammers out of Tobago. The band played Tell Me Why by Baron (Timothy Watkins); the song was arranged by Kersh Ramsey. It was fitting that the band that won the preliminary and semi-finals finished at the top of the class. Tobago is celebrating the success of hosting the finals and having its band win it all. 

Here are the results:

Name of Band
01. Katzenjammers
02. NGC Couva Joylanders
03. Pamberi
04. Curepe Scherzando
05. Dixieland (tie)
05. Pan Elders (tie)
07. Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille (tie)
07. Sforzata (tie)
09. NGC Steel Xplosion (tie)
09. Siparia Deltones (tie)
11. Potential Symphony
12. Arima Angel Harps
Name of Song
Tell Me Why 
The Fete Ent Over Yet
The People's Champion
Mash Up
One For the Road
Out and Bad
The Meeting Place
Ah Come Out to Play
Carnival Tabanca
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