BP Renegades Wins Panorama 2023

Image via BP Renegades Facebook Page © bp Renegades
BP Renegades won the National Panorama Title, for large conventional bands, last night at Queens Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain scoring 283 points. The band played "Feeling to Party" (1991 Blackman Feeling To Party) composed and sung by Dr. Leroy Caliste aka Black Stalin, and arranged by Duvon Stewart. 

Exodus surprised pan lovers and placed second scoring 280 points with Nutrien Silverstars taking third place. Trinidad All Stars and Phase II Pan Groove placed fifth and sixth respectively. The bands did not disappoint, the music quality was excellent but, in the end, only one shall emerge victorious. Renegades' nation celebrates a well-deserved victory tonight... until next year pan lovers!

Here are the Official PanTrinbago Results:
Name of Band
  1. BP Renegades
  2. Republic Bank Exodus
  3. Nutrien Silverstars
  4. Shell Invaders
  5. Massy Trinidad All Stars
  6. HADCO Phase II Pan Groove
  7. NLCB Buccooneers
  8. T&TEC Tropical  Angel Harps
  9. Desperadoes
  10. First Citizens Supernovas
  11. NLCB Fonclaire
  12. PROMAN Starlift
  13. Heritage Petroleum Skiffle
Name of Song
  1. Feeling To Party
  2. Tourist Leggo
  3. Engine Room
  4. Bun Dem
  5. Stage on Fire
  6. We Come Out To Party (tie 6th place)
  7. Bun Dem (tie 6th place)
  8. Hall of Fame
  9. Long Live Soca
  10. Jubilation
  11. Long Live Soca
  12. Witch Doctor 
  13. Bun Dem
  1. 283
  2. 280
  3. 276
  4. 275
  5. 274
  6. 273
  7. 273
  8. 272
  9. 271
  10. 270
  11. 268
  12. 267
  13. 265
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