T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps Youth Steel Orchestra wins Under 21 Panorama Competition 2023

Image via T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps Steel Orchestra Facebook Page © Tropical Angel Harps
It was an amazing day and night of steel band competition for the youth; no wait, it was an awesome day for steel band music and the youth were at the forefront. For this post, we feature the results of the Under 21 Youth Panorama Competition. This competition started off with the Matthews Steel Orchestra Music Academy followed by Cordettes Academy for the Arts; those two bands featured very young pan players. After those two bands performed, the real competition started with older players who did the music justice. It was amazing to witness the youth do their thing. 

The competition was fierce and the named 'big bands' youth bands lived up to their names. It felt like the large band's panorama finals night. The competition was very good and the performances lived up to expectations and surpassed what most expected from the youth. Until the last band played, both Shell Invaders and BP Renegades had the competition wrapped up, but then came T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps Youth Steel Orchestra playing Mash Up by Blaxx. They blew the competition away with their lively performance. In the end, they emerged winners, and everyone watching, even the bootleg judges agreed that they excelled above and beyond expectations and won the competition. It was a good night for the steel band; the future of pan is safe and sound in the hands of the youth. 

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Under 21 Youth Panorama Results:
01. T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps Youth Steel Orchestra - Mash Up by Blaxx - 276 Points
02. Shell Invaders Youth Steel Orchestra - Out and Bad by Voice - 272 
03. BP Renegades Youth Steel Orchestra - Out and Bad by Voice - 271
04. Trinidad All Stars Youth Steel Orchestra -  Dead or Alive by Shurwayne Winchester - 269
05. Fonclair Juniors' - Out and Bad by Voice - 265
06. HADCO Phase II Pan Groove Juniors - Soca Capital by Sekon Sta - 261
07. First Citizens Supernovas Youth Steel Orchestra (Tie) - Canboulay by Blaxx - 253
07. HCC Alumknights Steel Orchestra (Tie) - Hall of Fame by Mical Teja - 253
08. Desperados Youth Steel Orchestra - Peace of Mind by Voice - 242
09. Panasonic Connection Youth Steel Orchestra - Mash Up by Blaxx - 240
10. Cordettees Academy For The Arts - Dingolay by Shadow - 233
11. Pandemonium Youth Steel Orchestra - Pop Ah  Bottle - Machel Montano - 224
12. Matthews Steel Orchestra Music Academy - This One For Kitch by Pink Panther - 217

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