Soca Woman by Lady Tallish | 2023

Image Via YouTube Music Video © Lady Tallish
There was a time when Calypso ruled Carnivals in Trinidad & Tobago. Yes, Calypso music was here long before Soca superseded what was the norm. Today, everything is about Soca music and Calypso music has been relegated to the Political and Social commentary formats for the Calypso Competition. However, there was a time when 'Dance Calypso Music' was the style that everyone danced to at Carnival parties!  Today just about every carnival music release with rhythm and vibe is marketed as Soca even when it is not Soca! 

Sigh... take a deep breath and relax as we state the obvious!

"Soca Woman" by Lady Tallish is not  Soca. Ok, here we go... but Soca is a form of Calypso music or came out of Calypso music. Yes, Soca emerged from the well we call Calypso but Soca is not Calypso! Just listen to any Soca song today and pay attention to the rhythm coming from the drum kit... just that, the drum kit!  We don't need to analyze the body of music the way Kenny Phillips of KMP music studios can and will do if you start a conversation about the music with that learned gentleman. "Soca Woman" the song is a 'Dance Calypso'! Just the rhythm the vibe is pure Calypso! So it befuddles this poster that this song is promoted as Soca!

Dance Calypso music is rarely composed and produced today. Having said that, when you have a sweet song like this, a dance calypso so sweet, why label it Soca? Take note that there is an ocean of new Soca songs out there with so much more to come! Damn, they missed the boat and could have this song travel a freeway instead of stalling in a traffic jam of new Soca music releases. 

Just to be clear with everyone... we love this song and kudos to the creators of the music video! This is Dance Calypso Music and just watching the music video shows the difference between what was and what we have today. This is not "wine on a backside music". You have the freedom to dance all alone and enjoy the music or dance with a partner (watch the Dj and his dance partner in the music video).  Enjoy some really sweet music... Calypso Music!

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Music/Production Notes:
Composer/Singer: Francelia Adams-Jackson(Lady Tallish)
Trumpet: Charles Williams.
Trombone: David Jacob.
Guitar: Jevan Ochoa.
Bass: Vincent Rivers.
B/Vocals: Kerin Prime and Glen "Seco" Nicholas.
Arranged, produced, and mixed by: Garvin Marchelle.
Mastered by Lauritz Laidlow.
Recorded @ G Note.  
Camera/Director: Joseph Carver Thompson
Camera/Editor: Ralph Kambui Edwards
Recording Studio Fyzabad. Tel: (868) 721-7846
Special thanks to the management of CLUB UPTOP
Southern Erin Road and family and friends

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