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National Panorama Schedule © Pan Trinbago 2023

Panorama is the heart and soul of Carnival for pan lovers. Today, for this post, we feature from Pan Trinbago, the official schedule for all Panorama Competitions 2023, and, in addition, we will post the winners for each category as each competition concludes and the results become available (stay tuned in to this site/post).

As seen in the poster above, the very first competition was held and concluded in December 2022. All results posted here are for Trinidad & Tobago's national carnival in 2023.

The poster/image above provides all the needed information for those planning to attend these competitions. The venues, dates, and admission fees are referenced for the posting. Please keep in mind that all of the competitions will be televised live at home and should be available online for a fee. Some radio stations may also provide, free of charge, an audio feed of the competition. Stay tuned to this site/post for updates regarding video feeds and cost to view as well as links to radio stations broadcasting the competitions. 

The YouTube music player will feature all the winners for Carnival 2023. The post will only feature the first-place winners:
  • Single Pan Bands
  • Small Conventional Bands
  • National Junior Panorama Champions
  • Medium Conventional Bands
  • Large Conventional Bands
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Trinidad & Tobago Carnival/Panorama 2023 | First Place Winners

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