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This is a re-post from 2011 with a few changes; the song was done for the 2012 carnival. This was (at the time of the original post in 2011) and still is today, one of my favorite songs. This is just a wicked double entendre track and it came back to me when I saw Shaft's name appear on the writing of a song produced by De Red Boyz. You deserve to rekindle this memory... enjoy!

From the 2011 post:
I should have posted this song earlier but none of that matters now; I guarantee that you would enjoy the melody and lyrics. What the hell, I like it, and I am certain that you will be grooving to this track  - well done Jason "Shaft" Bishop!
"Stick it up ah lil harder, more to the left side, more to the right side"... Now this song caught me by surprise and to be honest I like it. We are talking about the music of Jason "Shaft" Bishop and the title of the song is "Breadfruit".

I like the music - it is very catchy, I like the lyrics -tricky and sneaky I must say, I like the singer's voice (strong and secure sounding voice/put on your headphones and listen) and the music itself really wants you to move and sway. Now when it comes to oil down you have to be a lover of breadfruit. This song has a good take on double entendre but some may say, 'not so fast Santiwah' this song is not clean!" I listened to the song several times (well because I like it) and also to make sure that the double entendre is on the mark. I can't fault the lyricist or the singer with this song; as far as I am concerned it is 'slick and on the mark'!

I have had the experience of having to 'chook' breadfruit from my neighbor's tree and to tell you the truth the singer in on the mark with his rod. However, I never had anyone tell me to stick it up a little harder or further. If I did, then I would have been better at picking breadfruits (wink, wink). Come on, it is a nice song with a very catchy beat - thumbs up to Shaft and his production team!

Here is a clip from the Trinidad Guardian Newspaper that should be of interest to you since it provides some information about 'Shaft":
"You may not know it, but Jason Bishop, aka Shaft, is causing music lovers to fall in love with Soca all over again. He is the holder of the creative pen that gave Machel Montano Hard Wuk, Destra Garcia Cool it Down and Welcome Back, and Patrice Roberts Give Him and Mas and Wining. But it didn’t end there, Bishop is also responsible for Denise Belfon’s Dance and Dingolay, Megan Waldrond’s Posse, and Farmer Nappy’s Flirt—all of which seem to be mashing up in the fetes, and receiving much attention on the nation’s radio stations." The rest of the article can be read at this link: Shaft rules soca land.

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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Breadfruit
Performed by: Shaft
Written by: Jason "Shaft" Bishop
Produced by: ***
Mixed by: Precision Productions

For Promotional Use Only

Please be advised that the music is presented here for your listening pleasure and for promotional purposes only ("Fair Use" Musical Content Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976). No copyright infringement is intended! We don't own the rights to this music: and, it is presented here for promotional use only. We encourage you to promote the artists and their music; please don't download and share the music and rob the artists of needed income! Music for sale should be purchased while music distributed for promotional purposes should be treated as such and not shared!
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Here is another interesting bit of information about this very talented singer and more importantly the best Soca songwriter for this generation - Mr. Jason 'Shaft' Bishop! 

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