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Heaven by Crazy; Images via YouTube/Teahub.
Soon, very soon, Christmas will be celebrated around the World. Trinidad & Tobago and the rest of the Caribbean region celebrate Christmas differently from the rest of the World. Trinidad & Tobago and Grenada all have something in common when celebrating Christmas, sweet parang music. Today, we feature a song by the Soca Parang King, Crazy. "Heaven" by Crazy (Edwin Ayoung) comes from the newly released "La Familia Riddim", a parang riddim. Thinking about it, this may be a first for this music genre, a parang riddim! We think you will love the work done by Crazy for this music release. Tell us what you think...  

YouTube Music Notes:
Woven deep within the cultural fabric of every Trinbagonian resides an even deeper knitted sense of nostalgia around this time of year emanating from fond memories of a True Trini Christmas. The likes of Los Alumnos de San Juan, Lara Brothers & La Divina Pastora Serenaders prevailed every Christmas concert whilst timeless soca parang renditions coined by legends: Crazy, Baron, Scrunter & Marcia Miranda dominated the airwaves. Patience became aloof while we frequented every flea market as children to gaze upon all the toys and paraphernalia we would beg our parents and grandparents to gift us. Waking up bright and early Christmas morning to a live parang band playing out front whilst anticipating the Sorrel, Black Cake, Ginger Beer, Pasteles, Ham, and Turkey in the kitchen all comprised the true essence of a Trini Christmas....the list goes on. 

The KVG & GMS Productions aided by La Mansíon and BB Serenaders all combined forces to birth an authentic parang ensemble that tugs at the heartstrings of all Trinis'. This team replenished that true sense of Christmas we are all familiar with, and quite reminiscent of: "La Familia riddim". Listen to seasoned parang legend 'Crazy' as he so eloquently yearns for his place in the divine kingdom in his rendition of this new classic song appropriately entitled, 'Heaven'. 

More from "La  Familia Riddim":
If you are interested in some sweet, newly minted, parang music then "La Familia Riddim" should be on your playlist. There is more to come not just this offering on Sokah2Soca today. Next up on the 'Rididim' is the artist who is formerly known as Myron B, now 'Calypso Nite', he perfectly narrates a drunken engagement he participated in thus proving his alcohol tolerance supremacy in his contribution entitled, 'Drinking Competition'. Co-Producer and arranger of the riddim, The KVG alongside Theatrics, perform a satirical commentary of humorous splendor alluding to the 'Pumpkinvine' relations among many spouses and especially in Paramin in their comedic concoction entitled, 'Pumpkinvine. Lastly, young parang veteran Sergio articulates his despondence at what was supposed to be an honest musical lesson that transformed into a catastrophe for his Box Bass. Pay attention to this one since it falls under the 'double entendre banner'; the song is entitled, 'Broomstick ting'.
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Production Notes/Music Credits:
Song Title: Heaven
Artist/Performed by: Crazy
Composers / Writers: Edwin Ayoung/ Gideon Bishop / Bjorn Graham. 
Production and Arrangement: The KVG & GMS Productions. 
Live Guitar & Mandolin: Enrico Camejo Courtesy La Mansion.
Live Cuatro, Maracas and Bongos: Brandon Bruce courtesy BB Serenaders.
Live Bass: Gideon Bishop.
Live Box Bass and Ukulele: Deeje Boisson.
Live Flute: Dominic Creese.
Live Saxophone: Nicholas Sylvan.
Background Vocals: Sharon Belle-Smythe, Gideon Bishop. 
Mixed by: GMS Productions.
Mastered by: Precision Productions
Visuals: Move with time 

For Promotional Use Only

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